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1957 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1957 Masters Golf Tournament

Doug Ford first played The Masters in 1952, and he last played it in 2001. That's 49 times playing The Masters, which was the record for most appearances until Arnold Palmer hit 50 in 2004 (and Gary Player later broker Palmer's record).

And at the 1957 Masters, Doug Ford won. He did it by coming from three strokes behind leader Sam Snead at the start of the final round, shooting 66 to Snead's 72, to win by three. It was the second major of Ford's career; he won 19 PGA Tour events total, including the 1955 PGA Championship.

The 1957 Masters was the first to have a 36-hole cut. It was also the first Masters played by future three-time winner Gary Player. Player finished tied for 24th in his debut.

1957 Masters Scores
Results from the 1957 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Doug Ford 72-73-72-66--283$8,750
Sam Snead 72-68-74-72--286$4,375
Jimmy Demaret 72-70-75-70--287$2,625
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 73-71-71-73--288  
Peter Thomson 72-73-73-71--289$1,750
Ed Furgol 73-71-72-74--290$1,312
Jack Burke Jr. 71-72-74-74--291$1,137
Dow Finsterwald 74-74-73-70--291$1,137
Arnold Palmer 73-73-69-76--291$1,137
Jay Hebert 74-72-76-70--292$1,005
Marty Furgol 73-74-73-73--293$940
Stan Leonard 75-72-68-78--293$940
Henry Cotton 73-73-72-76--294$853
a-Bud Taylor 74-74-77-69--294  
Ken Venturi 74-76-74-70--294$853
Al Balding 73-73-73-76--295$778
Billy Casper 75-75-75-70--295$778
Mike Fetchick 74-73-72-76--295$778
Fred Hawkins 75-74-72-74--295$778
Byron Nelson 74-72-73-76--295$778
Bruce Crampton 72-75-78-71--296$729
Al Mengert 75-75-71-75--296$729
Henry Ransom 75-73-72-76--296$729
Johnny Palmer 77-73-73-74--297$700
Gary Player 77-72-75-73--297$700
Jerry Barber 73-77-78-70--298$350
Jack Fleck 76-74-75-73--298$350
Bill Johnston 77-70-78-74--299$300
Lawson Little 76-72-77-74--299$300
Lloyd Mangrum 77-71-74-77--299$300
Skee Riegel 73-74-78-75--300$300
Doug Sanders 76-72-75-77--300$300
Bud Ward 73-75-76-76--300$300
a-Rex Baxter 79-71-73-78--301  
Dick Mayer 80-70-75-77--302$300
Henry Picard 79-71-78-74--302$300
Sam Urzetta 74-73-78-77--302$300
a-Don Cherry 78-72-76-77--303  
Claude Harmon 78-72-77-76--303$300
a-Hillman Robbins 77-73-74-80--304  

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