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1956 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1956 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Cary Middlecoff held off Julius Boros and Ben Hogan to win the 1956 U.S. Open, Middlecoff's second win in this tournament and his third major championship victory overall.

Middlecoff and Hogan both stumbled down the stretch, while Boros let an opportunity slide by. Middlecoff, who began the final round with a 2-stroke lead, bogied the 16th and 17th holes. But Boros lipped out a birdied putt on the final hole that would have tied it. Hogan, meanwhile, began the final round in second. But his hopes came to an end when he missed a 2 1/2-foot par putt on the 71st hole.

Australian Peter Thomson finished tied for fourth. Thomson won the British Open five times, but rarely played in America. His fourth here was his best finish in any of the other three majors.

A couple months earlier, amateur Ken Venturi lost the 1956 Masters when he shot an 80 in the final round. He lost the 1956 U.S. Open when he shot 77 in the first round - but Venturi followed with three good scores to earn low amateur honors, finishing eighth.

Finishing one spot in front of Venturi was Arnold Palmer, playing in his fourth U.S. Open and posting his first Top 10 in this tournament.

Billy Casper made his major championship debut in the 1956 U.S. Open and finished 14th. Meanwhile, English great Henry Cotton made the second - and last - of his appearances in a U.S. Open, finishing 17th.

Defending champion Jack Fleck, who beat Hogan in a playoff a year earlier, missed the cut.

Tony Lema - later known as "Champagne Tony" - made his major championship debut here, making the cut and finishing 50th. At the time, Lema was not yet a PGA Tour player; he was an assistant pro in California. He wouldn't play in another major until 1962, but became one of the best players on Tour in the mid-1960s and won the 1964 British Open. He died in a plane crash in 1966.

1956 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1956 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-70 Oak Hill Country Club (East Course) in Rochester, New York (a-amateur):

Cary Middlecoff 71-70-70-70--281 $6,000
Julius Boros 71-71-71-69--282 $2,650
Ben Hogan 72-68-72-70--282 $2,650
Ed Furgol 71-70-73-71--285 $1,033
Ted Kroll 72-70-70-73--285 $1,033
Peter Thomson 70-69-75-71--285 $1,033
Arnold Palmer 72-70-72-73--287 $600
a-Ken Venturi 77-71-68-73--289  
Jerry Barber 72-69-74-75--290 $416
Wes Ellis 71-70-71-78--290 $416
Doug Ford 71-75-70-74--290 $416
Billy Maxwell 72-71-76-72--291 $300
a-Billy Joe Patton 75-73-70-74--292  
Billy Casper 75-71-71-76--293 $300
Pete Cooper 73-74-76-70--293 $300
Fred Haas 72-71-72-78--293 $300
Henry Cotton 74-72-73-75--294 $260
Dutch Harrison 72-76-72-74--294 $260
Jay Hebert 71-76-73-74--294 $260
Bill Ogden 76-73-76-69--294 $260
Bob Toski 76-71-74-73--294 $260
Errie Ball 71-75-73-76--295 $225
Tommy Bolt 74-71-73-77--295 $225
Johnny Bulla 77-72-73-74--296 $200
Robert Kay 75-74-76-71--296 $200
Sam Snead 75-71-77-73--296 $200
Roberto De Vicenzo 76-69-77-75--297 $200
Doug Higgins 74-75-72-76--297 $200
Walter Burkemo 73-74-76-75--298 $200
Mike Dietz 73-74-70-81--298 $200
Shelley Mayfield 75-71-75-77--298 $200
Mike Souchak 78-71-72-77--298 $200
a-Frank Taylor Jr. 72-71-80-75--298  
Dave Douglas 72-76-78-73--299 $200
Gene Littler 75-74-74-76--299 $200
Frank Stanahan 76-71-75-77--299 $200
Al Brosch 72-74-77-77--300 $200
Mickey Homa 74-75-79-72--300 $200
a-William Hyndman 72-76-76-76--300  
Tony Holguin 74-73-78-76--301 $200
Dick Mayer 76-73-78-75--302 $200
Paul O'Leary 76-73-77-76--302 $200
Ed "Porky" Oliver 74-74-76-78--302 $200
Buck White 75-74-76-78--303 $200
Walker Inman 77-72-79-76--304 $200
Bob Rosburg 68-76-79-81--304 $200
a-Harvie Ward 74-73-81-77--305  
Jack Isaacs 77-70-78-81--306 $200
Bo Wininger 74-75-77-80--306 $200
Tony Lema 77-71-79-81--308 $200
a-John Garrett 77-72-76-84--309  

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