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1956 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1956 British Open Golf Tournament

Australian great Peter Thomson made it three in a row in the British Open, winning the 1956 British Open by three strokes after previously winning in 1954 and 1955.

Thomson won by three strokes over Flory Van Donck, who posted one of his two runner-up finishes in the Open. Robert De Vicenzo finished solo third despite shooting 79 in the third round.

In winning, Thomson became the only golfer in the 20th century to win the Open three straight years. Young Tom Morris won four straight in the 1860s-70s; Jamie Anderson won three straight in the 1870s; and Bob Ferguson took three in a row in the 1880s.

The 1956 British Open is also notable as the tournament debut of Gary Player. And it was a great debut for the 21-year-old Player, who finished in solo fourth. Player won the British Open in 1959, 1968 and 1974.

1956 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1956 British Open golf tournament played at Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England (a-amateur):

Peter Thomson 70-70-72-74--286
Flory Van Donck 71-74-70-74--289
Roberto De Vicenzo 71-70-79-70--290
Gary Player 71-76-73-71--291
John Panton 74-76-72-70--292
Enrique Bertolino 69-72-76-76--293
Henry Cotton 72-76-71-74--293
Antonio Cerda 72-81-68-73--294
Mike Souchak 74-74-74-72--294
Christy O'Connor Sr. 73-78-74-70--295
Harry Weetman 72-76-75-72--295
a-Frank Stranahan 72-76-72-76--296
Bruce Crampton 76-77-72-72--297
Miguel Angel Martin 71-74-75-77--297
Dai Rees 75-74-75-73--297
John Jacobs 73-77-76-72--298
Al Balding 70-81-76-73--300
Jack Hargreaves 72-80-75-73--300
Ricardo Rossi 75-77-72-76--300
David Thomas 70-78-77-75--300
Charlie Ward 73-75-78-74--300
Ken Bousfield 73-77-76-75--301
Gerry De Wit 76-73-74-78--301
Ted Lester 70-76-77-78--301
Jimmy Adams 75-76-76-75--302
Laurie Ayton Jr. 74-78-78-72--302
Eric Moore 75-75-78-74--302
Ken Adwick 77-76-74-76--303
Syd Scott 78-74-74-77--303
Dennis Smalldon 68-79-78-78--303
Alfonso Angelini 73-80-76-75--304
Bernard Hunt 75-73-81-75--304
Ching-Po Chen 78-74-77-76--305
Marion Gonzalez 72-81-75-77--305
Roberto Salas 79-72-78-76--305
a-Joe Carr 73-77-79-77--306
Christy Greene 76-75-79-76--306
Michio Ishii 74-77-77-78--306
James Martin 74-79-78-75--306
Carlos Celles 71-82-78-76--307
Sebastian Miguel 72-78-84-73--307
Bill Shankland 72-78-79-78--307
Harry Bradshaw 76-76-81-75--308
T.H.T. Fairbairn 80-73-81-74--308
Frank Miller 72-78-78-80--308
Tevor Wilkes 74-78-85-75--312
Jack Wilkshire 77-74-85-77--313

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