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1955 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1955 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The 1955 U.S. Open is the year that David slew Goliath - little-known Jack Fleck defeated Ben Hogan in a playoff for the championship.

It was also a tournament with a significant last and a significant first. The last: Byron Nelson played in a U.S. Open for the final time. The first: Arnold Palmer made the cut in a U.S. Open for the first time.

Palmer played the 1953 and 1954 U.S. Opens, missing both cuts. Here, he finished 21st. Nelson had been retired from full-time tournament golf since the end of the 1946 season. His last PGA Tour win was in 1951, but he would win the 1955 French Open this year. But he never played the U.S. Open again after finishing 28th here.

Fleck and Hogan pulled away from the field in the final round, moving five strokes clear of runners-up Tommy Bolt and Sam Snead. But Hogan finished well before Fleck did, and most everyone assumed Hogan would win in regulation.

When Hogan - trying to win a record fifth U.S. Open - posted his 287 total, Fleck was only on the 14th hole, and only a stroke behind. After a bogey to drop two behind, Fleck birdied the 16th, parred the 17th and birdied the last hole to tie Hogan and force the 18-hole playoff.

At the time, Fleck had never won on the PGA Tour, or any other significant professional tournament. Surely he couldn't stand up to Hogan in a head-to-head playoff. Except that he did, beating Hogan 69 to 72. Fleck led by one as they reached the 18th hole of the playoff, but Hogan hit a terrible drive after slipping during his swing and double-bogied the hole. Fleck was the winner. It is considered one of the biggest surprise wins in golf history.

Fleck went on to win two PGA Tour titles, and many years later won the 1979 Senior PGA Championship. Hogan never did achieve a fifth U.S. Open victory, although he came close a couple more times, and won only one more PGA Tour event after this.

1955 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1955 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-70 Olympic Club (Lake Course) in San Francisco, California (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Jack Fleck 76-69-75-67--287 $6,000
Ben Hogan 72-73-72-70--287 $4,000
Tommy Bolt 67-77-75-73--292 $1,500
Sam Snead 79-69-70-74--292 $1,500
Julius Boros 76-69-73-77--295 $870
Bob Rosburg 78-74-67-76--295 $870
Doug Ford 74-77-74-71--296 $540
Bud Holscher 77-75-71-73--296 $540
a-Harvie Ward 74-70-76-76--296  
Jack Burke Jr. 71-77-72-77--297 $390
Mike Souchak 73-79-72-73--297 $390
Shelley Mayfield 75-76-75-72--298 $226
Frank Stanahan 80-71-76-71--298 $226
Walker Inman 70-75-76-78--299 $226
Gene Littler 76-73-73-78--300 $226
Al Mengert 76-76-72-77--301 $226
Smiley Quick 76-74-74-77--301 $226
Art Wall 77-78-72-74--301 $226
Fred Hawkins 73-78-75-76--302 $226
George Schnieter 78-74-77-73--302 $226
Bob Harris 77-71-78-77--303 $226
Cary Middlecoff 76-78-74-75--303 $226
Arnold Palmer 77-76-74-76--303 $226
Ernie Vossler 77-76-76-74--303 $226
Marty Furgol 76-77-78-73--304 $180
Leland Gibson 76-78-76-74--304 $180
Billy Maxwell 77-74-75-79--305 $180
Art Bell 74-76-81-75--306 $180
Max Evans 77-73-76-80--306 $180
Dow Finsterwald 84-71-74-77--306 $180
Eric Monti 76-76-78-76--306 $180
Byron Nelson 77-74-80-75--306 $180
Charles Rotar 76-75-80-75--306 $180
Errie Ball 81-74-78-74--307 $180
Pete Cooper 75-77-81-74--307 $180
Fred Haas 75-76-79-77--307 $180
Chick Harbert 77-75-80-75--307 $180
Johnny Palmer 80-74-75-78--307 $180
Bud Ward 76-76-80-77--309 $180
Zell Eaton 81-74-78-77--310 $180
Babe Lichardus 73-80-81-76--310 $180
Skee Riegel 75-79-78-78--310 $180
Frank Harned 78-77-80-76--311 $180
Ted Neist 79-75-76-81--311 $180
Ed Furgol 76-79-80-77--312 $180
Charles Scally 77-76-79-80--312 $180
Ralph Blomquist 79-76-79-79--313 $180
Dave Douglas 79-75-76-83--313 $180
Ralph Evans 76-78-78-81--313 $180
Elmer Reed 74-79-81-79--313 $180
Bo Wininger 75-79-75-84--313 $180
Al Zimmerman 78-74-85-77--314 $180
Jerry Kesselring 79-76-79-81--315 $180
George Puetz 78-77-79-81--315 $180
Jimmy Ukauka 76-76-82-81--315 $180
George Keyes 80-75-79-82--316 $180
a-William Thornton 79-75-82-81--317  
Fred Annon 75-78-85-82--320 $180

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