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1951 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1951 British Open Golf Tournament

English golfer Max Faulker won the 1951 British Open, and then another Brit did not win the Open Championship until 1969. Eighteen years later, it was Tony Jacklin who finally ended the British drought in their home championship.

Faulkner had a 6-stroke lead following the third round, then held on to win by two over Antonio Cerda. It was Cerda's first time making the cut in the Open, but it started a 7-year run for the Argentine player in which he finished second twice and in the Top 10 every year.

Jimmy Adams and Norman Von Nida shared the first-round lead with rounds of 68, and those were the only sub-70 rounds of the tournament. Adams fell back with a second-round 77 and finished fourth; Von Nida followed with rounds of 77 and 80 and didn't complete the final round.

Faulkner took the lead with a second-round 70 and never relinquished it.

This was the only major championship win for Faulkner - he never played any of the other majors - and one of five Top 10 finishes for him in the Open. He did post wins several other important tournaments in Europe, including three victories in the Spanish Open.

A couple of future British Open winners from Australia made their championship debuts this year. Peter Thomson, who went on to win five Opens, finished sixth. And 1960 champion Kel Nagle placed 19th in his Open debut.

The 1951 British Open was played at Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland. To the current day, this is the only Open Championship not played in Scotland or England.

1951 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1951 British Open golf tournament played at Royal Portrush Golf Club in County Antrim, Northern Ireland (a-amateur):

Max Faulkner 71-70-70-74--285
Antonio Cerda 74-72-71-70--287
Charlie Ward 75-73-74-68--290
Jimmy Adams 68-77-75-72--292
Fred Daly 74-70-75-73--292
Bobby Locke 71-74-74-74--293
Bill Shankland 73-76-72-72--293
Norman Sutton 73-70-74-76--293
Peter Thomson 70-75-73-75--293
Harry Weetman 73-71-75-74--293
John Panton 73-72-74-75--294
Dick Burton 74-77-71-73--295
Dai Rees 70-77-76-72--295
a-Frank Stranahan 75-75-72-73--295
Harry Bradshaw 80-71-74-71--296
Eric Cremin 73-75-75-74--297
a-Kep Enderby 76-74-75-73--298
Alan Waters 74-75-78-71--298
Ugo Grappasonni 73-73-77-76--299
Jack Hargreaves 73-78-79-69--299
William John Henderson 77-73-76-73--299
Kel Nagle 76-76-72-75--299
Christy O'Connor Sr. 79-74-72-74--299
a-Joe Carr 75-76-73-76--300
Pulvio Traviani 74-79-73-74--300
Flory Van Donck 72-76-76-76--300
Ernest Whitcombe 74-74-76-76--300
John McKenna 74-76-76-76--302
Alan Poulton 77-77-73-75--302
Wally Smithers 75-73-76-78--302
a-Cecil Beamish 76-78-73-76--303
Arthur Lees 75-74-76-78--303
G. Norman Roffe 78-76-78-71--303
Charles Rotar 76-76-76-75--303
William Hancock 78-74-72-80--304
Sam King 78-76-77-73--304
Fred Allott 74-79-77-75--305
John Fallon 78-73-80-74--305
John A. Jacobs 76-77-77-75--305
Eric Brown 74-77-83-72--306
Bobby Halsall 80-74-77-75--306
Arthur Lacey 75-76-79-76--306
Gregor McIntosh 76-71-80-79--306
Hassan Hassanein 79-73-74-81--307
Christie Kane 75-76-81-77--309

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