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1950 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1950 Masters Golf Tournament

With his victory at the 1950 Masters, Jimmy Demaret became the first three-time winner of the tournament. The flashily attired, quick-with-a-quip Texan also won the 1940 and 1947 Masters tournaments, and his three Masters victories make up Demaret's full complement of wins in majors.

Demaret won the 1950 Masters by overcoming a 4-stroke deficit to Jim Ferrier at the start of the final round. Demaret shot 69 in the final round to Ferrier's 75, a six-shot swing. Ferrier finished second. All the movement took place on the final nine, which Demaret entered trailing Ferrier by five. But Ferrier struggled to a 41 over the last nine holes. Ferrier bogied the 13th and 14th, double-bogied the 16th, and bogied the 17th and 18th.

1950 Masters Scores
Results from the 1950 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Jimmy Demaret 70-72-72-69--283$2,400
Jim Ferrier 70-67-73-75--285$1,500
Sam Snead 71-74-70-72--287$1,020
Ben Hogan 73-68-71-76--288$725
Byron Nelson 75-70-69-74--288$725
Lloyd Mangrum 76-74-73-68--291$480
Clayton Heafner 74-77-69-72--292$405
Cary Middlecoff 75-76-68-73--292$405
Lawson Little 70-73-75-75--293$360
Fred Haas Jr. 74-76-73-71--294$333
Gene Sarazen 80-70-72-72--294$333
Roberto De Vicenzo 76-76-73-71--296$285
Horton Smith 70-79-75-72--296$285
Skip Alexander 78-74-72-73--297$261
Vic Ghezzi 78-75-70-74--297$261
Leland Gibson 78-73-72-74--297$261
Herman Keiser 75-72-75-75--297$261
Joe Kirkwood Jr. 75-74-77-71--297$261
Henry Picard 74-71-77-75--297$261
a-Frank Stranahan 74-79-73-71--297 
George Fazio 73-74-78-73--298$245
Toney Penna 71-75-77-75--298$245
Skee Riegel 69-75-78-76--298$245
Chick Harbert 76-75-73-75--299$245
Johnny Palmer 72-76-76-75--299$245
Eric Monti 74-79-74-73--300 
Herschel Spears 70-74-79-78--301 
Norman Von Nida 77-74-74-76--301 
Billy Burke 80-75-76-71--302 
Pete Cooper 74-77-77-74--302 
Johnny Bulla 77-78-75-73--303 
a-Charlie Coe 73-79-78-74--304 
Bob Hamilton 74-73-78-79--304 
Claude Harmon 77-77-74-76--304 
a-Thomas Barnes 78-75-78-74--305 
Julius Boros 75-77-76-77--305 
Al Brosch 77-75-78-75--305 
a-Dick Chapman 77-73-75-80--305 
a-Chuck Kocsis 77-71-79-78--305 
Denny Shute 77-72-81-75--305 
a-Harvie Ward Jr. 79-78-74-74--305 
Buck White 78-76-73-79--306 
Lew Worsham 77-78-76-75--306 
Tony Holguin 78-75-77-77--307 
Jack Isaacs 79-81-72-75--307 
Herman Barron 75-77-82-74--308 
a-Bill Campbell 80-78-74-76--308 
Jim Turnesa 81-74-79-74--308 
Dave Douglas 79-79-76-75--309 
Harry Todd 76-75-81-77--309 
a-Jimmy McHale 82-78-75-75--310 
a-Bob Sweeny 77-76-79-78--310 
Ray Wade Hill 75-78-80-78--311 
Henry Williams Jr. 82-78-81-70--311 
Gene Webb 76-78-75-83--312 
a-Harold Paddock 78-79-78-79--314 
a-Fred Mosely 82-77-78-79--316 
a-Frank Strafaci 77-82-84-81--324 
Les Kennedy 81-80-82-82--325 

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