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1947 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1947 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Lew Worsham defeated Sam Snead in an 18-hole playoff to win the 1947 U.S. Open. It was Worsham's only major, and Snead once again was denied in the only major championship he failed to win during his career.

This was the second of Worsham's six career PGA Tour wins, and it was the second of Snead's four career runner-up finishes in the U.S. Open.

Snead and Bobby Locke began the final round one stroke behind Worsham, who closed with a 71. Locke shot 73 to fall three behind and tie for third, but Snead sank an 18-foot birdie putt on the 72nd hole to shoot 70 and tie Worsham.

That led to an 18-hole playoff the following day. Snead seemed in control of the playoff, leading his lesser-known foe by two strokes with three holes to play. But after a Worsham birdie and Snead bogey over the next two holes, they reached the 18th tied.

On the final green, both had lengthy putts. Worsham lagged his up close to the hole, then Snead did the same thing. Snead stepped in to finish off the short putt that remained, but Worsham stopped him. Worsham wanted to know who was away, and a rules official was called in to measure. It was determined that Snead was out by a very small margin.

Was it gamesmanship by Worsham, or just something that happened in the heat of the moment? No way to know, but when Snead finally stepped over the 2 1/2-foot putt, he missed. Worsham made, carding 69 to Snead's 70 to win the playoff and the 1947 U.S. Open.

In the second round, amateur James McHale shot 65 to tie the then-tournament scoring record, and he set a new U.S. Open record with a 30 over nine holes. That 9-hole record wasn't bettered until 1995.

1947 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1947 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-71 St. Louis Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Lew Worsham 70-70-71-71--282 $2,000
Sam Snead 72-70-70-70--282 $1,500
Bobby Locke 68-74-70-73--285 $900
Ed "Porky" Oliver 73-70-71-71--285 $900
a-Bud Ward 69-72-73-73--287  
Jim Ferrier 71-70-74-74--289 $400
Vic Ghezzi 74-73-73-69--289 $400
Leland Gibson 69-76-73-71--289 $400
Ben Hogan 70-75-70-74--289 $400
Johnny Palmer 72-70-75-72--289 $400
Paul Runyan 71-74-72-72--289 $400
Chick Harbert 67-72-81-70--290 $200
Ed Furgol 70-75-72-74--291 $140
Dutch Harrison 76-72-70-73--291 $140
Dick Metz 69-70-78-74--291 $140
Bill Nary 77-71-70-73--291 $140
a-Frank Stranahan 73-74-72-72--291  
Harry Todd 67-75-77-72--291 $140
Claude Harmon 74-72-74-72--292 $100
Gene Kunes 71-77-72-72--292 $100
George Payton 71-75-75-71--292 $100
Alfred Smith 70-73-76-73--292 $100
Sam Byrd 72-74-70-77--293 $100
Joe Kirkwood Sr. 72-73-70-78--293 $100
Lloyd Mangrum 77-72-69-75--293 $100
James McHale Jr. 79-72-65-77--293  
Herman Barron 74-71-75-74--294 $100
Billy Burke 74-75-71-74--294 $100
Bob Hamilton 75-71-75-74--295 $100
Henry Ransom 67-74-79-75--295 $100
Fred Haas 74-73-76-73--296 $75
Bob Kepler 76-72-69-79--296 $75
Lawson Little 75-73-75-73--296 $75
Toney Penna 74-73-74-75--296 $75
Johnny Bulla 74-77-73-73--297  
Pete Cooper 76-71-72-78--297  
Lloyd Wadkins 76-73-74-74--297  
Herschel Spears 73-75-75-75--298  
Al Brosch 73-73-76-78--300  
Jimmy Demaret 76-69-74-81--300  
Dave Douglas 71-80-76-73--300  
Gene Sarazen 72-75-74-79--300  
Jimmy Thomson 74-75-75-76--300  
Jim Turnesa 74-74-80-72--300  
Patrick Abbott 75-71-80-75--301  
Frank Moore 75-73-77-76--301  
Harold West 77-72-75-77--301  
Mike DeMassey 76-75-75-76--302  
Art Doering 73-76-77-76--302  
Otto Greiner 69-77-77-79--302  
Skip Alexander 75-76-78-74--303  
Jack Grout 71-80-78-74--303  
a-Thomas Sheehan 73-74-78-78--303  
Ellsworth Vines 76-74-74-79--303  
Ralph Guldahl 74-77-76-77--304  
Toby Lyons 77-74-76-77--304  
John O'Donnell 74-74-81-75--304  
Herman Scharlau 71-77-80-76--304  
Fred Annon 77-73-80-75--305  
George Fazio 76-75-74-80--305  
a-Skee Riegel 75-75-73-82--305  
Mike Turnesa 75-73-78-79--305  
a-Jack Coyle 76-75-76-80--307  
a-Robert Cochran 74-77-78-79--308  
a-Robert Willits 75-76-79-79--309  
a-Felice Torza 72-78-80-80--310  
a-Frank Stafaci 72-79-81-79--311  

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