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1946 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1946 British Open Golf Tournament

American star Sam Snead didn't even want to play the 1946 British Open. But obligations to a sponsor required his presence. As he rode a train into St. Andrews, he looked out a window and spotted something. "Say," Snead said, "that looks like an old, abandoned golf course."

In fact, it was The Old Course, and several days later Snead won his only Open Championship on it.

Snead played the British Open only five times in his long career. Prior to 1946, his only appearance had been in 1937, when he was already in Britain as part of the American Ryder Cup team. After 1946, he didn't return until 1962. That wasn't unusual, given the very high travel costs of the era. A golfer traveling to Britain for the Open could win the tournament yet lose money on the trip, as happened to Snead in 1946.

The 1946 British Open was the first one played since 1939 due to World War II. That meant that Dick Burton, the 1939 winner, held the trophy for seven years. He gave it back here, though, finishing 12th. The runner-up to Snead was Johnny Bulla (tied with Bobby Locke, four behind Snead), who also finished second to Burton at the 1939 British Open.

For Snead, the 1946 British Open was his second win in a major. He previously won the 1942 PGA Championship, and went onto win another five majors.

1946 British Open Scores
Results from the 1946 British Open golf tournament played on The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland (a-amateur):

Sam Snead 71-70-74-75--290
Johnny Bulla 71-72-72-79--294
Bobby Locke 69-74-75-76--294
Henry Cotton 70-70-76-79--295
Dai Rees 75-67-73-80--295
Norman Von Nida 70-76-74-75--295
Charlie Ward 73-73-73-76--295
Fred Daly 77-71-76-74--298
Joe Kirkwood 71-75-78-74--298
Lawson Little 78-75-72-74--299
Harry Bradshaw 76-75-76-73--300
Dick Burton 74-76-76-76--302
Bill Shankland 76-76-77-75--304
William Anderson 76-76-78-75--305
Reg Whitcombe 71-76-82-76--305
Laurie Ayton Jr. 77-74-80-75--306
Percy Alliss 74-72-82-79--307
Archie Compston 77-74-77-80--308
Frank Jowle 78-74-76-80--308
Arthur Lees 77-71-78-82--308
George Knight 77-75-82-76--310
Eddie Whitcombe 75-79-77-79--310
a-R.K. Bell 81-73-81-77--312
John Jacobs 76-77-80-79--312
Alf Perry 78-77-78-80--313
a-James Wilson 78-76-81-78--313
a-Andrew Dowie 81-71-80-83--315
Alex Robertson 79-75-80-81--315
Flory Van Donck 76-78-83-78--315
Tom Haliburton 78-76-81-81--316
Alf Padgham 79-74-76-87--316
a-Ronald White 76-79-84-77--316
Norman Sutton 76-77-80-84--317
Fred Bullock 80-75-87-76--318
W.H. Green 76-76-83-83--318
Albert Isherwood 77-78-83-81--319
a-John Urry 79-75-87-85--326

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