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1938 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1938 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Ralph Guldahl isn't much remembered today, but he was arguably the best golfer of the mid- and late 1930s. From 1934 through 1939 he won 12 times, including three straight Western Opens at a time when the Western was one of the biggest pro tournaments. And Guldahl also won back-to-back U.S. Opens, with the 1938 U.S. Open being the second of those two wins.

Guldahl added the 1939 Masters to his trophy case, then won twice more in 1940 before essentially disappearing (an early Ian Baker-Finch or David Duval case).

But at the 1938 U.S. Open, defending champion Guldahl didn't disappear. He entered the final round trailing leader Dick Metz by four strokes. But Metz collapsed in the final round, shooting 79, while Guldahl had his best score (69) of the tournament. Guldahl wound up winning by six over Metz.

Metz never won a major, but he is credited with 10 PGA Tour victories. And he posted numerous Top 10s in majors over a long period of time. Metz finished 10th at the 1935 U.S. Open, and was seventh in the 1958 U.S. Open. In-between, and including his runner-up here, Metz had 15 other Top 10s in majors.

A record was set at the 1938 U.S. Open, but it was one the holder would rather not have. Ray Ainsley recorded a score of 19 on the 16th hole of Cherry Hills Country Club, a par-4 hole, in the second round. Ainsley's ball rolled into a creek. Ainsley didn't know the rules very well, apparently, because he later said he didn't know he was allowed to drop (with penalty) outside the hazard. So Ainsley just kept whacking at that little white pellet sitting in the water, until finally he got it out of the creek. Ainsley's score for the round was 96. No, he didn't make the cut.

1938 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1938 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-71 Cherry Hills Country Club in Cherry Hills Village, Colorado (a-amateur):

Ralph Guldahl 74-70-71-69--284 $1,000
Dick Metz 73-68-70-79--290 $800
Harry Cooper 76-69-76-71--292 $650
Toney Penna 78-72-74-68--292 $650
Byron Nelson 77-71-74-72--294 $412
Emery Zimmerman 72-71-73-78--294 $412
Frank Moore 79-73-72-71--295 $216
Henry Picard 70-70-77-78--295 $216
Paul Runyan 78-71-72-74--295 $216
Gene Sarazen 74-74-75-73--296 $106
Vic Ghezzi 79-71-75-72--297 $106
Jimmy Hines 70-75-69-83--297 $106
Denny Shute 77-71-72-77--297 $106
George Von Elm 78-72-71-76--297 $106
Willie Hunter Jr. 73-72-78-75--298 $100
Olin Dutra 74-71-77-77--299 $50
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 76-67-74-82--299 $50
Johnny Revolta 74-72-77-76--299 $50
Jim Foulis 74-74-75-77--300 $50
Horton Smith 80-73-73-74--300 $50
Al Zimmerman 76-77-75-72--300 $50
Charles Lacey 77-75-75-75--302 $50
Tommy Armour 78-70-75-80--303 $50
Al Huske 76-79-76-73--304 $50
Johnny Rogers 71-76-73-84--304 $50
Charles Sheppard 79-73-74-79--305 $50
Joe Belfore 75-73-80-78--306 $50
Stanley Kertes 77-72-82-75--306 $50
Alvin Krueger 79-69-79-79--306 $50
Ray Mangrum 77-77-73-79--306  
Mike Turnesa 75-79-75-78--307  
Vernon Allen 81-74-75-78--308  
Art Bell 78-77-78-75--308  
Neil Christian 75-80-79-74--308  
Willie Macfarlane 79-73-78-78--308  
Jimmy Thomson 82-70-77-79--308  
Frank Walsh 75-77-80-76--308  
Lawson Little 78-77-78-76--309  
Levi Lynch 74-74-81-80--309  
Sam Snead 77-76-76-80--309  
Al Brosch 76-77-77-80--310  
a-Art Doering 75-77-80-78--310  
Willie Goggin 79-75-78-78--310  
Bob Stupple 78-74-81-77--310  
a-Wilford Wehrle 74-76-81-80--311  
Bobby Cruickshank 83-71-73-85--312  
Alex Follmer 74-76-81-81--312  
Tony Manero 74-80-81-78--313  
Mortie Dutra 78-74-85-77--314  
a-Dick Chapman 74-77-83-81--315  
Ed Dudley 77-77-78-83--315  
Mike Murra 81-71-78-85--315  
Herb Bowers 77-74-80-87--318  
a-Ted Adams 74-80-86-81--321  
a-Bob Babbish 78-75-86-83--322  

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