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1938 Masters
Recap and Scores for the 1938 Masters Golf Tournament

Henry Picard was the winner of the 1938 Masters, edging runners-up "Lighthorse" Harry Cooper and Ralph Guldahl by two strokes. It was Guldahl's second straight second-place finish in The Masters. Picard would go on to win another major at the 1939 PGA Championship.

The 1938 Masters marked Ben Hogan's first appearance in the tournament. He finished 25th, and didn't finish outside the Top 10 again when playing The Masters until 1958.

This was the final year in which the tournament was played under its original name, the Augusta National Invitation Tournament.

1938 Masters Scores
Results from the 1938 Masters golf tournament played at the par-72 Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Ga. (a-amateur):

Henry Picard 71-72-72-70--285 $1,500
Harry Cooper 68-77-71-71--287 $700
Ralph Guldahl 73-70-73-71--287 $700
Paul Runyan 71-73-74-70--288 $500
Byron Nelson 73-74-70-73--290 $400
Ed Dudley 70-69-77-75--291 $275
Felix Serafin 72-71-78-70--291 $275
Dick Metz 70-77-74-71--292 $175
Jimmy Thomson 74-70-76-72--292 $175
Vic Ghezzi 75-74-70-74--293 $100
Jimmy Hines 75-71-75-72--293 $100
Lawson Little 72-75-74-72--293 $100
Billy Burke 73-73-76-73--295  
Gene Sarazen 78-70-68-79--295  
Stanley Horne 74-74-77-71--296  
Bobby Jones 76-74-72-75--297  
Harold "Jug" McSpaden 72-75-77-71--297  
Bobby Cruickshank 72-75-77-74--298  
Ray Mangrum 78-72-76-72--298  
Johnny Revolta 73-72-76-77--298  
a-Tommy Tailer 74-69-75-80--298  
a-Chuck Kocsis 76-73-77-73--299  
Horton Smith 75-75-78-71--299  
Sam Parks Jr. 75-75-76-74--300  
Wiffy Cox 74-78-74-75--301  
Ben Hogan 75-76-78-72--301  
Ky Laffoon 78-76-74-74--302  
Tony Manero 72-78-82-70--302  
Frank Walsh 74-75-77-76--302  
Al Watrous 73-77-76-76--302  
Toney Penna 71-76-77-80--304  
Sam Snead 78-78-75-73--304  
a-Jess Sweetser 82-75-73-75--305  
Leo Mallory 76-75-81-74--306  
Craig Wood 73-75-83-75--306  
a-Ross Somerville 77-78-82-71--308  
a-Bud Ward 77-76-79-76--308  
Willie Macfarlane 76-80-75-78--309  
a-Charlie Yates 76-78-82-76--312  

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