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1935 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1935 British Open Golf Tournament

Defending champion Henry Cotton opened with a 68 at the 1935 British Open, and many observers probably felt the new English golf idol was on his way to a repeat win.

Little-known Alf Perry had other ideas, however. Perry opened with is own 69, but trailed Charles Whitcombe by five strokes after 36 holes. Cotton was in second place at that point, but rounds of 76-75 over the last 36 killed Cotton's chances for a repeat.

Perry took control of the tournament with a 67 in the third round, then a final-round 72 sent him to a 5-stroke victory over runner-up Alf Padgham. Whitcombe finished third.

It was the first pro tournament win for Perry, who would win three other tournaments in 1939, but no more. Perry played on three Great Britain Ryder Cup teams, and finished third at the 1939 British Open but otherwise had no other Top 10 finishes in the Open.

Perry's 283 total tied the then-tournament record for 72 holes.

The 1935 British Open was the first played by British golf stalwart Dai Rees. Rees went on to win 39 times on the British golf circuit and play on nine Ryder Cup teams. He was a British Open runner-up three times, but never won.

1935 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1935 British Open golf tournament played at Muirfield in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland (a-amateur):

Alf Perry 69-75-67-72--283
Alf Padgham 70-72-74-71--287
Charles Whitcombe 71-68-73-76--288
Bert Gadd 72-75-71-71--289
a-Lawson Little 75-71-74-69--289
Henry Picard 72-73-72-75--292
Henry Cotton 68-74-76-75--293
Syd Easterbrook 75-73-74-71--293
William Branch 71-73-76-74--294
Laurie Ayton Sr. 74-73-77-71--295
Auguste Boyer 74-75-76-71--296
Aubrey Boomer 76-69-75-77--297
John J. Busson 75-76-70-76--297
Bill Cox 76-69-77-75--297
Ernest Kenyon 70-74-74-79--297
Percy Alliss 72-76-75-75--298
John A. Jacobs 78-74-75-71--298
William Laidlaw 74-71-75-79--299
Philip Rodgers 74-76-74-75--299
Mark Seymour 75-76-75-73--299
Macdonald Smith 69-77-75-78--299
Ernest Whitcombe 75-72-74-78--299
Reg Cox 75-73-76-76--300
Sam King 76-74-75-75--300
Arthur Lacey 71-75-74-80--300
a-P.B. Lucas 74-73-72-81--300
Frank Ball 76-75-73-77--301
Alfred G. Beck 74-76-77-74--301
Len Holland 72-74-78-77--301
a-P.W.L. Risdon 78-74-75-74--301
Sid Brews 79-74-75-74--302
Dai Rees 75-73-77-77--302
Cyril Thomson 74-76-75-77--302
William H. Davies 78-74-76-75--303
Bert Hodson 72-80-79-72--303
Reg Whitcombe 72-75-74-82--303
Allan Dailey 75-74-76-79--304
Eric Green 72-77-78-77--304
Gordon Lockhart 78-72-82-72--304
Harold Myers 74-73-81-76--304
Arthur Havers 79-74-76-76--305
Arthur Lees 76-77-76-76--305
a-Robert Rutherford 76-76-77-76--305
George Charman 77-76-78-75--306
P.J. Mahon 71-79-81-75--306
W.J. Martin 74-75-80-78--307
a-Jack McLean 77-74-75-81--307
a-Bob Sweeny Jr. 72-73-82-80--307
Tom Collinge 77-75-77-79--308
Archie Compston 75-74-79-80--308
Tom Dobson 77-75-77-79--308
Frank Hill 77-76-79-76--308
Fred Jarman 74-78-79-77--308
a-Eric McRuvie 70-79-81-78--308
Laurie Ayton Jr. 78-74-79-78--309
a-Hector Thomson 75-76-80-78--309
Hamish Ballingall 75-77-80-78--310
a-Francis Francis 78-75-75-82--310
Joe Ezar 76-75-80-80--311
Edward Jarman 74-78-80-79--311
Andrew Peacock 80-72-81-80--313
W.E. Brown 74-78-87-83--322

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