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1934 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1934 British Open Golf Tournament

Henry Cotton won his first British Open in 1934 in the midst of a remarkable streak of success in the Open Championship. From 1930 through 1948, Cotton finished in the Top 10 in all but one British Open played (and he finished 13th in the other one). From 1930 through 1952, Cotton finished in the Top 10 of every British Open but one that he played.

In all, Cotton played in the British Open 20 times from 1927 through 1958. He won three of those, and finished in the Top 10 in 17 of them.

Cotton began the 1934 British Open with rounds of 67 and a then-record 65, opening a 10-stroke lead at the halfway mark. Cotton still led by 10 after Round 3, so a nervous, final-round 79 didn't hurt too much. He won by five strokes with a total of 283, tying the then-tournament record set two years earlier by Gene Sarazen.

Here's some trivia for you, courtesy of the R&A: Back in the day, one of the better-known balls in golf was the Dunlop 65. That golf ball was named in honor of Cotton's second-round 65 here.

Cotton, who later became Sir Henry Cotton, ended 10 years of American rule. The previous 10 winners of the British Open were either native-born Americans (Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, Gene Sarazen, Denny Shute), or America-based golfers (Jim Barnes, Tommy Armour).

1934 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1934 British Open golf tournament played at Royal St. George's Golf Club in Sandwich, England (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

Henry Cotton 67-65-72-79--283
Sid Brews 76-71-70-71--288
Alf Padgham 71-70-75-74--290
Marcel Dallemagne 71-73-71-77--292
Joe Kirkwood 74-69-71-78--292
Macdonald Smith 77-71-72-72--292
Bert Hodson 71-74-74-76--295
Charles Whitcombe 71-72-74-78--295
Percy Alliss 73-75-71-77--296
Ernest Whitcombe 72-77-73-74--296
William Twine 72-76-75-74--297
John Burton 80-72-72-74--298
William H. Davies 76-68-73-82--299
Edward Jarman 74-76-74-75--299
Charlie Ward 76-71-72-80--299
Allan Dailey 74-73-78-75--300
James McDowall 73-74-77-76--300
a-Jack McLean 77-76-69-78--300
Reg Whitcombe 75-76-74-75--300
Denny Shute 71-72-80-78--301
Alfred Beck 78-72-78-74--302
Bert Gadd 76-74-74-78--302
William Nolan 73-71-75-83--302
Gene Sarazen 75-73-74-80--302
Percy Weston 72-76-77-77--302
Jimmy Adams 73-78-73-79--303
Tom Green 75-73-74-81--303
Alf Perry 76-76-74-77--303
Auguste Boyer 78-75-77-74--304
Leslie Cotton 76-73-79-76--304
Don Curtis 77-75-74-79--305
Syd Easterbrook 77-72-79-77--305
Duncan McCulloch 73-74-75-83--305
Fred Taggart 70-76-82-77--305
Herbert Jolly 73-77-76-80--306
William Laidlaw 71-77-83-75--306
Tom Pierpoint 77-73-79-77--306
Mark Seymour 78-75-78-75--306
Dick Burton 76-71-79-81--307
Fred Jarman 76-76-79-76--307
a-A.S.G. Thompson 76-75-75-81--307
Laurie Ayton 76-75-78-79--308
Tom Collinge 73-76-81-78--308
William Davis 78-73-77-80--308
Cecil Denny 71-74-83-80--308
a-J.A. Flaherty 80-70-80-78--308
a-W.L. Hartley 76-77-77-78--308
Nicasic Sagardia 76-75-74-83--308
Tom Williamson 80-70-79-79--308
Angel De la Torre 79-74-77-79--309
Frank Dennis 74-78-78-79--309
George Gadd 75-72-80-82--309
A.G. Matthews 75-72-81-81--309
John McMillan 74-75-79-81--309
Edward Musty 76-77-78-78--309
Firmin Cavalo 79-71-76-84--310
Sydney Fairweather 80-72-80-78--310
James Forrester 79-72-80-80--311
a-Leslie Garnett 73-76-80-82--311
Hubert Prowse 80-72-81-78--311
Fred Robson 75-78-78-80--311
a-E.F. Storey 77-76-76-82--311
John Donaldson 75-77-82-79--313
Gordon Good 72-80-79-82--313
a-F. Ricardo 78-75-76-84--313
A.E. Whiting 78-74-83-80--315

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