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1931 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1931 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Most golfers at the 1931 U.S. Open played one tournament. Billy Burke and George Von Elm played two. Most golfers at the 1931 U.S. Open played 72 holes. Billy Burke and George Von Elm played 144 holes.

That's because Burke and Von Elm were tied after 72 holes, then played the longest playoff in tournament history.

Burke emerged the winner after another four rounds of golf, beating Von Elm by one stroke after eight rounds, 144 holes.

Burke and von Elm finished the regulation 72 holes tied at 292, after Burke closed with a 73 to Von Elm's 75. So they entered into a 36-hole playoff (the U.S. Open standard at the time) the following day. At the end of those 36 extra holes, they were still tied at 149 after Burke sank a birdie putt on the 36th hole. So they played another 36 holes the next day, and, finally, Burke emerged the winner by one stroke. Burke shot 292 in the regulation 72 holes, then 297 in the playoff 72 holes.

Burke is credited with 13 PGA Tour wins. His victory here in the 1931 U.S. Open was his first Top 10 in a major, and remained his only victory in a major.

Von Elm was best known as a top amateur player of the 1920s. He was runner-up to Bobby Jones at the 1924 U.S. Amateur, then beat Jones in the championship match to win the 1926 U.S. Amateur. He played as a pro in the 1930s, but never won a professional major.

Three-time British Open winner Henry Cotton played the U.S. Open only twice, and this was the first of those two appearances. He missed the cut.

1931 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1931 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-72 Inverness Club in Toledo, Ohio (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Billy Burke 73-72-74-73--292 $1,000
George Von Elm 75-69-73-75--292 $750
Leo Diegel 75-73-74-72--294 $650
Wiffy Cox 75-74-74-72--295 $450
"Wild" Bill Mehlhorn 77-73-75-71--296 $450
Gene Sarazen 74-78-74-70--296 $450
Mortie Dutra 71-77-73-76--297 $200
Walter Hagen 74-74-73-76--297 $200
a-Philip Perkins 78-76-73-70--297  
Al Espinosa 72-78-75-74--299 $105
Johnny Farrell 78-70-79-72--299 $105
Macdonald Smith 73-73-75-78--299 $105
Guy Paulsen 74-72-74-80--300 $77
Frank Walsh 73-77-75-75--300 $77
Herman Barron 71-75-78-77--301 $57
"Lighthorse" Harry Cooper 76-75-75-75--301 $57
Ed Dudley 75-76-76-74--301 $57
Al Watrous 74-78-76-73--301 $57
Charles Guest 71-75-76-80--302 $50
Tony Manero 74-75-80-73--302 $50
Olin Dutra 76-76-76-75--303 $25
John Kinder 79-72-75-77--303 $25
Laurie Ayton 76-79-74-75--304  
Willie Klein 75-80-70-79--304  
Denny Shute 79-73-77-76--305  
Eddie Williams 71-74-81-79--305  
Johnny Golden 79-75-78-74--306  
Horton Smith 77-78-75-76--306  
Auguste Boyer 75-80-72-80--307  
Henry Ciuci 73-79-81-74--307  
W.H. Davies 73-83-74-77--307  
Tom Creavy 80-72-80-76--308  
Ralph Guldahl 77-80-75-76--308  
Joe Turnesa 73-75-79-81--308  
Alex Watson 75-79-78-76--308  
Clarence Clark 76-76-77-80--309  
Bobby Cruickshank 74-76-81-78--309  
Peter O'Hara 78-76-81-74--309  
Walter Kozak 75-77-80-78--310  
August Nordone 83-73-78-76--310  
Massie Miller 75-78-81-77--311  
Francis Scheider 78-75-78-80--311  
Clarence Hackney 80-74-82-76--312  
Reggie Myles Jr. 76-76-80-80--312  
Lloyd Gullickson 75-80-82-77--314  
Percy Alliss 78-75-78-84--315  
Tommy Armour 75-83-79-78--315  
a-Lester Bolstad 80-77-78-80--315  
George Smith 75-78-76-86--315  
Jack Forrester 75-78-84-79--316  
Clark Morse 77-81-79-80--317  
Neal McIntyre 78-78-84-79--319  
Nick Weber 81-76-84-80--321  
Hugh Carpenter 78-79-87-80--324  

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