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1930 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1930 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Bobby Jones won the "impregnable quadrilateral," the Grand Slam, in 1930, and his victory in the 1930 U.S. Open was the third of the four titles that made up the Slam: The British Amateur, British Open, U.S. Open, and, finally, the U.S. Amateur.

Jones won the British Amateur and British Open in the Spring after traveling to Britain as part of the American Walker Cup team.

As summer arrived, so did sweltering heat in the Upper Midwest, where the 1930 U.S. Open was played at Interlachen, in Minnesota. Perhaps the first sign that it was going to be another good week for Jones came in the second round on what was dubbed "the lily pad shot." The Bobby Jones Golf Web site explains what happened:

"During the second round of the tournament, Jones pushed his tee shot to the right on the ninth hole along the bank of a lake. Attempting to go for the green in two, Jones was in the middle of his backswing when two young girls broke from the crowd and ran toward the fairway. Jones, catching a glimpse of them with his peripheral vision, flinched on the shot and topped the ball toward the lake where it struck the water some twenty yards short of the far bank. Amazingly, the ball skipped like a flat stone on the water and came out on the other side just thirty yards short of the green. Jones would chip to within two feet and finish the hole with an unlikely birdie. Although Jones would later refute the notion, spectators swore the ball had struck a lily pad floating in the lake. Forever dubbed the 'lily pad shot,' this strange event merely added to the already larger–than–life legend of Bobby Jones."

A third-round 68 gave Jones a 5-stroke lead heading into the final round. But Jones made it interesting when his tee ball on the 17th hole - a 263-yard par-3 - couldn't be found. It was finally determined the ball must have wound up in a water hazard, even though nobody actually saw that happen. Jones dropped and made double-bogey, cutting his lead over Macdonald Smith to one stroke.

But on the final hole, Jones rolled in a 40-foot birdie putt to win by two. Jones completed the Grand Slam by winning the U.S. Amateur shortly after at Merion. He then retired from competitive golf.

The win was Jones' fourth in the U.S. Open, matching Willie Anderson's tournament record. Horton Smith - who won the first playing of the tournament Jones would later found, The Masters - finished third.

1930 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1930 U.S. Open golf tournament played at the par-72 Interlachen Country Club in Edina, Minnesota (a-amateur):

a-Bobby Jones 71-73-68-75--287  
Macdonald Smith 70-75-74-70--289 $1,000
Horton Smith 72-70-76-74--292 $750
"Lighthorse" Harry Cooper 72-72-73-76--293 $650
Johnny Golden 74-73-71-76--294 $550
Tommy Armour 70-76-75-76--297 $450
Charles Lacey 74-70-77-77--298 $350
Johnny Farrell 74-72-73-80--299 $250
"Wild" Bill Mehlhorn 76-74-75-75--300 $138
Craig Wood 73-75-72-80--300 $138
Leo Diegel 75-75-76-75--301 $86
a-Johnny Goodman 74-80-72-75--301  
Al Heron 76-78-74-73--301 $86
Peter O'Hara 75-77-73-76--301 $86
George Smith 72-81-74-74--301 $86
a-George Von Elm 80-74-73-74--301  
Ed Dudley 74-75-78-76--303 $48
Mortie Dutra 76-80-69-78--303 $48
Charles Guest 76-73-77-77--303 $48
Walter Hagen 72-75-76-80--303 $48
Willie Hunter Jr. 76-76-78-73--303 $48
Bob Shave 76-72-78-77--303 $48
Joe Turnesa 73-78-78-74--303 $48
Al Watrous 79-73-73-78--303 $48
Olin Dutra 73-79-78-75--305  
Francis Gallett 76-75-74-80--305  
Denny Shute 76-78-77-74--305  
Herman Barron 77-78-74-77--306  
Billy Burke 76-72-82-76--306  
Jack Forrester 73-75-80-78--306  
Charles Hilgendorf 74-81-76-75--306  
Walter Kozak 74-76-78-78--306  
Gene Sarazen 76-78-77-75--306  
Frank Walsh 75-78-77-76--306  
Wiffy Cox 71-75-77-84--307  
Al Espinosa 76-78-77-76--307  
Johnny Rogers 72-79-80-76--307  
Eddie Williams 73-76-78-80--307  
James Barnes 74-76-79-79--308  
Ralph Guldahl 80-75-80-73--308  
Emerick Kocsis 77-75-80-76--308  
Sonny Rouse 77-77-80-74--308  
Willie Klein 75-77-77-80--309  
Willie Macfarlane 74-77-82-76--309  
a-Philip Perkins 76-74-76-83--309  
Jim Foulis 78-78-77-77--310  
Tom Creavy 81-74-79-77--311  
George Christ 75-78-79-80--312  
Arthur Ham 77-79-76-80--312  
Bob Crowley 75-78-84-76--313  
Fred Morrison 78-76-80-79--313  
Eddie Schultz 76-80-79-78--313  
a-Lester Bolstad 79-75-79-81--314  
a-Chick Evans 81-75-81-78--315  
Ted Luther 76-78-82-79--315  
George Voigt 76-79-79-81--315  
Tom Raklets 77-77-81-81--316  
Jack Burke Sr. 74-80-82-81--317  
Jock Hendry 77-78-79-83--317  
a-Donald Moe 75-81-79-82--317  
Francis Scheider 76-77-83-81--317  
Walter Bemish 80-75-82-81--318  
a-Gus Novotny 77-78-85-79--319  
Bill Tinder 79-77-82-81--319  
T.J. Gibraski 79-76-85-81--321  
a-Richard Martin 78-78-82-83--321  

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