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1927 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1927 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The "Silver Scot," Tommy Armour, won the first of his three major championships at the 1927 U.S. Open, beating "Lighthorse Harry" Cooper in an 18-hole playoff to do it.

While Armour made his debut as a major champion, there was another significant debut: For the first time, Oakmont Country Club was the site of a U.S. Open.

And Oakmont proved a daunting challenge for the assembled golfers. Armour's and Cooper's 72-hole total of 301 represents the highest winning score in this tournament since 1919, and it's the last time the winning score was 300 or higher. The 69 that Al Espinosa shot in the final round was the only sub-70 score of the tournament.

Oakmont wasn't kind to Bobby Jones, who finished tied for 11th - his worst finish in any U.S. Open. Jones tied for eighth in his tournament debut in 1920, but finished inside the Top 5 in every other U.S. Open he played - except this one.

Jones' two great rivals - Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen - finished ahead of him. This tournament is the only U.S. Open where that happened. In fact, Hagen and Sarazen finished ahead of Jones in a U.S. Open only twice each. Hagen also did it at the 1921 U.S. Open, and Sarazen did it at the 1922 U.S. Open (which Sarazen won, with Jones tying for second).

British golfer Ted Ray played the U.S. Open only three times. In 1913, he (along with Harry Vardon) lost in a playoff to Francis Ouimet. In 1920, Ray won. And in his last appearance, here at the 1927 U.S. Open, Ray, at age 50, finished tied for 27th.

Armour sank a 10-foot putt on the 72nd hole to tie Cooper and force the playoff. Then Armour won the playoff, 76 to 79, taking control when Cooper double-bogied the 16th hole.

1927 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1927 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Tommy Armour 78-71-76-76--301 $500
"Lighthorse" Harry Cooper 74-76-74-77--301 $300
Gene Sarazen 74-74-80-74--302 $200
Emmett French 75-79-77-73--304 $150
"Wild" Bill Mehlhorn 75-77-80-73--305 $100
Walter Hagen 77-73-76-81--307 $90
Archie Compston 79-74-76-79--308 $73
Johnny Farrell 81-73-78-76--308 $73
Johnny Golden 83-77-75-73--308 $73
Harry Hampton 73-78-80-77--308 $73
Bobby Cruickshank 77-78-76-78--309 $55
Leo Diegel 78-74-80-77--309 $55
a-Bobby Jones 76-77-79-77--309  
Eddie Jones Jr. 76-77-79-77--309 $55
Fred Loos 78-75-79-77--309 $55
Fred Baroni 80-72-79-79--310 $50
Perry Del Vecchio 79-79-76-76--310 $50
Arthur Havers 79-77-74-80--310 $50
Al Espinosa 83-80-79-69--311 $50
a-Jimmy Johnston 73-74-87-77--311  
Willie Macfarlane 82-76-80-73--311 $50
Macdonald Smith 78-76-81-76--311 $50
Al Watrous 82-74-78-77--311 $50
Jock Hutchison 80-77-77-78--312  
Jim Barnes 78-75-81-79--313  
P.O. Hart 77-77-86-73--313  
Larry Nabholtz 75-81-78-79--313  
Ted Ray 76-83-77-78--314  
Joe Turnesa 81-79-78-76--314  
Thomas Harmon 79-77-80-79--315  
Bob MacDonald 77-83-78-77--315  
Aubrey Boomer 83-79-80-74--316  
Jim Foulis 78-84-81-73--316  
Charles Guest 78-78-81-79--316  
a-Eddie Held 83-79-78-77--317  
Willie Klein 79-78-84-76--317  
Dave Sutherland 78-81-78-80--317  
Leonard Schmutte 79-80-78-81--318  
Laurie Ayton 80-83-80-76--319  
Jack Forrester 80-81-76-82--319  
Harold Long 83-78-79-79--319  
a-Watts Gunn 78-83-81-78--320  
Neil Christian 81-81-81-78--321  
Herbert Jolly 84-78-75-84--321  
Willie Hunter Jr. 80-79-81-82--322  
George Sargent 80-79-80-83--322  
Horton Smith 83-75-81-83--322  
Charles Hoffner 80-81-82-80--323  
Johnny Jones 80-82-81-82--325  
Ernest Penfold 79-80-82-84--325  
Wilfred Reid 80-79-86-80--325  
Dave Robertson 74-85-77-89--325  
a-Denny Shute 81-81-80-83--325  
Clarence Gamber 81-82-79-86--328  
Louis Chiapetta 84-79-85-81--329  
George Christ 84-78-89-81--332  
Ted Longworth 79-84-83-86--332  
George Stark 80-79-84-89--332  
Waldo Crowder 78-83-89-83--333  

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