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1925 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1925 British Open Golf Tournament

In many ways, the 1925 British Open was one of swansongs:

  • It was the last of four major championships won by Jim Barnes.
  • Ted Ray tied for second, and it was Ray's last Top 10 finish in a major.
  • Five-time Open champion J.H. Taylor tied for sixth, and it was also his final Top 10 finish in an Open Championship.
  • And it was the last British Open played at Prestwick.

Prestwick hosted 24 Open Championships total, including the first 12 played (when Prestwick was only nine holes in length).

Barnes had previously won the 1916 and 1919 PGA Championships and the 1921 U.S. Open. He opened this tournament with a round of 70, but lost the halfway lead to Macdonald Smith after Smith's second-round 69.

Smith led by five strokes entering the final round. Barnes carded a final-round 74 to post a total of 300. Smith need only shoot 78 to win, but couldn't manage it. Instead, Smith shot 82 and finished in fourth place.

Smith was one of the top players of his era, but he never won a major. This fourth-place showing here was one of 12 times he finished in the Top 5 at the British or U.S. Open.

1925 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1925 British Open golf tournament played at Prestwick Golf Club played at Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland (a-amateur):

Jim Barnes 70-77-79-74--300
Archie Compston 76-75-75-75--301
Ted Ray 77-76-75-73--301
Macdonald Smith 76-69-76-82--303
Abe Mitchell 77-76-75-77--305
Percy Alliss 77-80-77-76--310
William H. Davies 76-76-80-78--310
J.W. Gaudin 78-81-77-74--310
J.H. Taylor 74-79-80-77--310
Syd Wingate 74-78-80-78--310
a-Robert Harris 75-81-78-77--311
Fred Robson 80-77-78-76--311
Herbert Gaudin 76-79-77-80--312
Tom Fernie 78-74-77-85--314
Sandy Herd 76-79-82-77--314
Joe Kirkwood 83-79-76-76--314
a-John Cruikshank 80-78-82-75--315
Jack Smith 75-78-82-80--315
Harry Vardon 79-80-77-79--315
Arthur Havers 77-80-80-79--316
Duncan McCulloch 76-77-84-79--316
James Ockenden 80-78-80-78--316
Reg Whitcombe 81-80-79-76--316
Frank Ball 76-78-81-82--317
Dick May 82-77-78-80--317
Aubrey Boomer 79-82-76-81--318
Ernest Whitcome 81-83-77-77--318
James Adwick 81-77-82-80--320
George Duncan 79-77-83-81--320
Cedric Sayner 83-80-78-79--320
a-Cyril Tolley 82-81-78-79--320
Arthur Butchart 84-80-78-79--321
Frank Frostick 80-84-78-79--321
Thomas Walton 79-83-84-75--321
James Horn 81-76-82-83--322
Henry Kinch 78-79-84-81--322
Herbert Osborne 85-79-82-77--323
Hugh Roberts 84-82-77-80--323
Roland Vickers 80-83-81-80--324
William McMinn 77-80-82-86--325
Albert S. Tingey Jr. 78-81-83-85--327
Bertram Weastell 81-80-83-83--327
F.C. Jewell 75-81-85-87--328
T.B. Jolly 86-81-81-80--328
Jack Milner 77-78-85-88--328
William Oke 83-82-85-79--329
William Twine 85-82-82-81--330
W.E. Brown 79-86-88-78--331
Tom King Jr. 85-81-81-84--331
Cyril Thomson 84-84-81-82--331
Reginald Wilson 79-86-80-86--331
Moses O'Neill 81-89-78-84--332
Tom Wilson 77-90-79-86--332
Alfred Beck Jr. 83-80-83-87--333
Arthur Day 84-82-81-86--333
John Sullivan 81-85-82-85--333
James Batley 79-85-82-88--334
George Charman 84-79-87-85--335
Harry Crapper 82-86-86-81--335
Fred Boobyer 88-82-84-82--336
a-Cecil Hayward 84-83-84-86--337
Wally Thomas 83-85-87-82--337
W.G. Gimber 80-84-87-87--338
Charles Johns 83-81-87-88--339
Archie Thomson 83-84-84-89--340
Albert Hallam 85-89-83-86--343
Dick Wheildon 79-85-90-89--343
Charles White 80-85-94-85--344

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