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1922 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1922 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Gene Sarazen was only 20 years old when he burst onto the professional golf scene, winning the 1922 U.S. Open and 1922 PGA Championship.

Sarazen won this title by shooting 68 in the final round, three strokes better than anyone else managed. That included runners-up John Black (72) and amateur Bobby Jones (73).

Jones, not yet a winner of any amateur or professional majors, moved into a tie for the lead at the end of the third round with Wild Bill Mehlhorn. But those two, along with Black, a club pro who began the final round in second, were surpassed by Sarazen's outstanding final round.

Sarazen first played in the U.S. Open in 1920, when he was was 18 years old. He finished 30th that year, 17th the next, before winning the 1922 U.S. Open. Sarazen won the U.S. Open again in 1932, and when he won the 1935 Masters Sarazen became the first golfer to win what we now call the career Grand Slam - victories in each of the four professional majors.

The 1922 U.S. Open was the first one with an admission charge for spectactors. Fans had to pay $1 for a single-round ticket.

1922 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1922 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Skokie Country Club in Glencoe, Illinois (a-amateur):

Gene Sarazen 72-73-75-68--288 $500
John Black 71-71-75-72--289 $300
a-Bobby Jones 74-72-70-73--289  
"Wild" Bill Mehlhorn 73-71-72-74--290 $200
Walter Hagen 68-77-74-72--291 $150
George Duncan 76-73-75-72--296 $100
Leo Diegel 77-76-73-71--297 $90
Mike Brady 73-75-74-76--298 $73
Johnny Golden 73-77-77-71--298 $73
Jock Hutchison 78-74-71-75--298 $73
Laurie Ayton 72-76-78-73--299 $58
Johnny Farrell 73-76-75-75--299 $58
Joe Kirkwood 77-74-75-74--300 $25
Bob Macdonald 73-76-75-76--300 $25
Eddie Loos 75-76-73-77--301  
a-Chick Evans 72-76-74-80--302  
George Hackney 74-78-74-77--303  
Abe Mitchell 79-75-76-73--303  
Emmett French 76-74-77-78--305  
a-Jesse Guilford 77-74-76-78--305  
Harry Hampton 76-75-77-77--305  
Charles Hoffner 79-76-77-73--305  
Willie Ogg 79-72-78-76--305  
Jim Barnes 74-75-77-80--306  
Cyril Hughes 81-74-77-74--306  
a-Willie Hunter Jr. 75-75-76-80--306  
a-Fred Wright Jr. 76-77-73-80--306  
Jack Burke Sr. 76-77-81-73--307  
Bobby Cruickshank 82-74-74-77--307  
Lloyd Gullickson 77-70-83-77--307  
George Bowden 76-79-76-77--308  
Alfred Hackbarth 77-75-77-79--308  
George Kerrigan 76-78-78-76--308  
Tom Kerrigan 80-79-75-74--308  
a-Jimmy Johnston 78-75-80-76--309  
Pat O'Hara 79-76-76-78--309  
Al Watrous 73-79-79-79--310  
Chick Fraser 79-76-76-80--311  
Thomas Harmon 80-72-80-79--311  
William Creavy 79-76-81-76--312  
P.O. Hart 80-77-79-76--312  
Jack Turnesa 75-78-81-78--312  
Cyril Walker 76-81-77-78--312  
Jack Blakeslee 80-82-76-75--313  
George Martin 76-80-81-76--313  
George McLean 78-78-79-78--313  
John Cowan 74-78-84-79--315  
Mortie Dutra 76-77-78-84--315  
Fred Ford 79-79-75-82--315  
Otto Hackbarth 76-81-79-79--315  
Frank Kennett 80-82-80-73--315  
Alex Campbell 78-79-78-81--316  
Charles Thom 77-79-80-81--317  
Tom Boyd 80-81-80-78--319  
Harry Bolestra 76-83-82-80--321  
a-Frank Godchaux 79-77-80-85--321  
Dave Robertson 76-84-77-84--321  
John Rogers 83-83-79-76--321  
Charles Rowe 83-82-77-79--321  
a-Dewey Weber 77-80-82-82--321  
Edward Gow 83-85-79-75--322  
Robert Peebles 84-81-80-77--322  
George Christ 77-80-81-85--323  
Jack Croke 82-85-78-78--323  
Ferdinand Decker 74-76-86-87--323  
Frank Sprogell 80-79-79-85--323  
Frank McNamara 77-79-87-82--325  
Ned McKenna 78-85-84-82--329  
Ben Lord 80-83-87-86--336  
Alex Guild 81-85-87-84--337  
a-Ira Couch 86-81-86-86--339  

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