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1921 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1921 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Jim Barnes and Walter Hagen engaged in some notable duels in their careers. But this was not one of them - despite the fact that Barnes won and Hagen was second (tied with Fred McLeod). That's because Barnes dominated the 1921 U.S. Open after starting with a first-round 69 - a full 10 strokes better than Hagen's opening round.

So although Hagen was runner-up to Barnes, he was a distant runner-up. Barnes won by nine strokes.

For Barnes, it was his only U.S. Open win, and the third of his four victories in majors.

The tournament was played in Chevy Chase, Maryland, close enough to Washington, D.C., for American President Warren Harding to attend on the final day. He presented the championship trophy to Barnes, making Barnes the only golfer to receive the U.S. Open trophy from the United States president.

Chick Evans, 1916 U.S. Open winner, edged Bobby Jones, playing in just his second U.S. Open, for low amateur honors.

1921 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1921 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Columbia Country Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland (a-amateur):

Jim Barnes 69-75-73-72--289 $500
Walter Hagen 79-73-72-74--298 $250
Fred McLeod 74-74-76-74--298 $250
a-Chick Evans 73-78-76-75--302  
Emmett French 75-77-74-77--303 $125
a-Bobby Jones 78-71-77-77--303  
Alex Smith 75-75-79-74--303 $125
George Duncan 72-78-78-77--305 $85
Clarence Hackney 74-76-78-77--305 $85
Emil Loeffler Jr. 74-77-74-81--306 $75
Alfred Hackbarth 80-76-82-69--307 $60
Eddie Loos 76-79-75-78--308 $55
Cyril Walker 78-76-76-79--309 $50
Mike Brady 77-80-78-75--310  
a-Jess Sweetser 78-78-77-77--310  
Louis Tellier 76-74-78-82--310  
Gene Sarazen 83-74-77-77--311  
Laurie Ayton 81-74-74-83--312  
Jock Hutchison 75-83-77-77--312  
Peter O'Hara 81-82-76-73--312  
Charles Murray 75-73-82-83--313  
Johnny Golden 77-77-82-78--314  
Otto Hackbarth 79-76-80-79--314  
Harry Hampton 80-78-79-77--314  
Charles Mothersole 81-78-79-76--314  
Tom Boyd 81-79-79-76--315  
Bobby Cruickshank 75-77-80-83--315  
Leo Diegel 75-82-83-75--315  
a-Jesse Guilford 79-75-78-83--315  
P.O. Hart 83-80-76-77--316  
Pat O'Hara 77-78-79-82--316  
Al Watrous 78-76-83-80--317  
Joe Kirkwood 75-81-80-82--318  
William Trovinger 79-83-79-77--318  
Robert Barnett 81-81-80-77--319  
Tom Kerrigan 73-81-86-79--319  
William Leach 79-83-77-81--320  
Johnny Farrell 79-79-81-82--321  
Jack Gordon 78-83-81-81--323  
Joe Novak 80-78-85-81--324  
Wilfred Thomson 79-80-82-83--324  
James West 81-81-77-85--324  
a-Nelson Whitney 79-80-85-80--324  
Joe Sylvester 81-82-84-78--325  
Eddie Towns 80-77-82-86--325  
Charles Betchler 82-81-82-81--326  
Charles Thom 82-86-78-80--326  
Charles Clare 86-74-80-87--327  
George McLean 81-79-80-87--327  
Fred Canausa 77-85-84-82--328  
Wallie Nelson 78-82-84-85--329  
T.J. Rajoppi 84-89-77-79--329  
Frank Coltart 84-82-81-83--330  
a-Robert Finkenstaedt 82-80-85-83--330  
Alex Campbell 80-86-84-81--331  
W.J. Damen 81-84-79-87--331  
Jack Forrester 78-88-89-78--333  
Jack Pirie 82-80-87-84--333  
J. Victor East 81-83-83-86--333  
Al Natale 88-83-73-90--334  
James Ferguson 87-80-86-82--335  
Jack Park 85-82-85-84--336  
Isaac Mackie 81-83-84-89--337  
Alex Cunningham 91-81-84-82--338  

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