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1921 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1921 British Open Golf Tournament

What if they threw a playoff and one of the golfers failed to show up? That scenario happened at the 1876 British Open, and it almost happened again at the 1921 British Open.

Jock Hutchison and Roger Wethered finished four rounds tied at 296. A 36-hole playoff was scheduled for the following day. But Wethered had other plans. The R&A describes it this way:

"Wethered was due to play for his local cricket team the following day and it took a great deal of persuasion to make him stay on for the 36-hole play-off. In an anti-climactic finale to a dramatic championship he was beaten by nine shots by the seasoned professional."

Hutchison was a native of St. Andrews, but by 1921 had become a naturalized American citizen. His victory here is credited as the first British Open win for an American (a year later, Walter Hagen became the first native-born American to win the Open Championship). His win this year was Hutchison's second (and last) major championship victory; he also won the 1920 PGA Championship. And Hutchison later won the inaugural Senior PGA Championship, in 1937.

Runner-up Wethered was the brother of Joyce Wethered, who some golf historians argue is the greatest female golfer of all-time.

Bobby Jones played the Old Course at St. Andrews for the first time at the 1921 British Open, and it was not a good experience. Jones simply walked off the course during the third round. He took four swings at his ball in a deep bunker on the 11th hole, failed to get the ball out, then picked it up and walked off. Jones was raked in the media for his actions, but later on St. Andrews and Jones would embrace one another.

1921 British Open Scores
Results from the 1921 British Open golf tournament played on The Old Course at St. Andrews, Scotland (a-amateur):

Jock Hutchison 72-75-79-70--296
a-Roger Wethered 78-75-72-71--296
Tom Kerrigan 74-80-72-72--298
Arthur Havers 76-74-77-72--299
George Duncan 74-75-78-74--301
Jim Barnes 74-74-74-80--302
Walter Hagen 74-79-72-77--302
Sandy Herd 75-74-73-80--302
Joe Kirkwood 76-74-73-79--302
Fred Leach 78-75-76-73--302
Arnaud Massy 74-75-74-79--302
Tom Williamson 79-71-74-78--302
Abe Mitchell 78-79-76-71--304
Walter Pursey 74-82-74-74--304
J.W. Gaudin 78-76-75-76--305
James Braid 77-75-78-76--306
Len Holland 78-78-76-74--306
Bill Mehlhorn 75-77-76-78--306
Frank Ball 79-78-74-76--307
a-Paul Hunter 75-78-76-78--307
Ted Ray 76-72-81-78--307
William Watt 81-77-75-74--307
Clarence Hackney 77-75-80-76--308
Henry Kinch 73-77-81-77--308
Harry Vardon 77-77-80-74--308
Aubrey Boomer 78-80-72-79--309
Walter Bourne 78-78-75-78--309
Arthur Butchart 78-80-77-74--309
John D. Edgar 82-76-78-73--309
Emmett French 79-76-75-79--309
a-Denis Kyle 77-77-81-74--309
George McLean 76-73-82-78--309
Hugh Roberts 79-82-74-74--309
J.H. Taylor 80-80-75-74--309
Archie Compston 78-75-77-80--310
Percy Hills 75-76-83-77--311
C.H. Reith 79-83-75-74--311
David Ayton Jr. 77-82-78-75--312
Percy Alliss 75-77-81-80--313
Rowland Jones 77-77-79-80--313
Charles Johns 78-82-80-74--314
Alfred Miles 75-78-81-80--314
a-Mark Seymour 75-78-76-85--314
Reginald G. Wilson 80-77-78-79--314
a-Alexander Armour 77-83-75-80--315
George Buckle 79-79-74-83--315
Angel De La Torre 83-78-77-78--316
Jean Gassiat 80-81-80-75--316
a-William A. Murray 81-79-76-80--316
Peter Robertson 81-84-79-72--316
W.E. Brown 77-80-75-85--317
James Ockenden 79-84-79-75--317
Fred Robson 80-78-80-79--317
Charles Hoffner 75-86-77-80--318
Tom King Jr. 80-80-77-81--318
F.C. Jewell 81-81-78-79--319
John Burgess 79-84-81-76--320
Albert Hallam 80-85-80-75--320
Josh Taylor 81-79-78-82--320
Jack White 76-82-81-81--320
Sid Brews 81-82-80-78--321
Arthur Day 79-81-81-80--321
a-Robert Harris 81-85-78-78--322
Fred McLeod 78-79-83-82--322
James Souter 80-79-83-80--322
James Anderson 79-82-82-80--323
James Batley 81-82-82-78--323
Richard May 77-79-87-80--323
George Smith 80-80-83-80--323
John Fulford 81-82-84-77--324
John Turner 81-84-78-81--324
William Ritchie 82-80-82-81--325
Claude Gray 81-87-75-83--326
a-Percy Quilter 86-83-78-80--327
Albert Seymour 82-81-83-81--327
Michael Bingham 85-79-84-82--330
J.M. Hunter 87-81-76-88--332
Robert McKenzie 84-83-77-89--333
Harry Wilson 80-82-90-81--333
Tom Mounce 84-81-86-85--336

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