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1916 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1916 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Amateur Chick Evans won the 1916 U.S. Open, the second straight year and third time in four years the Open championship was claimed by an amateur.

Evans was one of the best amateurs of his or any other era, winning two U.S. Amateur titles - including the 1916 one, making him the first golfer to win the U.S. Amateur and Open titles in the same year - and many other top amateur crowns.

Evans had five other Top 10 finishes in the U.S. Open, including a runner-up showing in 1914.

Evans opened with rounds of 70 and 69, the best opening two rounds in tournament history to this point, making him the first player to score below 140 in the first two rounds. Evans led by three at that point, and maintained a 3-stroke lead after the third round.

Evans had only one spot of trouble early in the final round and wound up winning by two strokes for the wire-to-wire victory. The runner-up was Jock Hutchison, whose final-round 68 was the best score of the day by three strokes, and the lowest final round score carded in a U.S. Open to this point.

Evans' 286 total set a tournament scoring record for 72 holes that stood until the 1936 U.S. Open. Evans' scoring prowess was accomplished while playing with a set of only seven clubs, one of which was, of course, the putter.

The 1916 U.S. Open was the last one played over only two days (first two rounds on Day 1, final two rounds on Day 2). Beginning in 1919, the tournament moved to a 3-day format.

The tournament wasn't played again until 1919, the 1917 and 1918 events being canceled by World War I.

1916 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1916 U.S. Open golf tournament played at The Minikahda Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota (a-amateur):

a-Chick Evans 70-69-74-73--286  
Jock Hutchison 73-75-72-68--288 $300
Jim Barnes 71-74-71-74--290 $150
Gilbert Nicholls 73-76-71-73--293 $83
Wilfred Reid 70-72-79-72--293 $83
George Sargent 75-71-72-75--293 $83
Walter Hagen 73-76-75-71--295 $60
Bob MacDonald 74-72-77-73--296 $50
Mike Brady 75-73-75-74--297 $30
J.J. O'Brien 76-72-73-76--297 $30
Tom Vardon 76-72-75-74--297 $30
Jack Dowling 71-76-75-76--298  
Walter Fovargue 76-74-74-75--299  
Louis Tellier 74-75-72-78--299  
Herbert Lagerblade 77-78-72-73--300  
Tom McNamara 75-79-73-73--300  
Robert Peebles 73-72-76-79--300  
James Simpson 75-76-76-73--300  
Otto Hackbarth 77-80-69-75--301  
George McLean 77-76-74-74--301  
George Turnbull 83-73-72-74--302  
James Donaldson 79-75-75-73--302  
Joe Mitchell 75-75-76-76--302  
Bert Battell 76-75-75-77--303  
Arthur Fotheringham 78-78-74-73--303  
Fred McLeod 74-75-77-77--303  
George Simpson 76-76-77-74--303  
Alex Campbell 75-75-75-79--304  
Alex Cunningham 79-75-75-77--306  
James Ferguson 74-75-80-77--306  
Tom Kerrigan 79-72-78-77--306  
James Burke 81-76-76-74--307  
Walter Clark 73-76-80-78--307  
Norman Clark 76-78-78-76--308  
Phil Gaudin 81-77-78-72--308  
William Sherwood 78-76-76-79--309  
Herbert Strong 78-77-77-77--309  
James Wilson 79-79-74-77--309  
Tom Boyd 80-78-79-75--312  
a-Harry Legg 76-80-76-80--312  
John Gatherum 78-75-80-80--313  
a-James Worthington 77-77-79-80--313  
Hugh Fletcher 76-84-74-80--314  
Alfred Hackbarth 79-74-80-81--314  
Clarence Hackney 80-77-76-81--314  
Tom Morris 78-78-82-76--314  
Arthur Clarkson 77-81-79-78--315  
David Livie 77-77-80-81--315  
Carl Anderson 81-77-80-79--317  
Jack Croke 77-80-84-77--318  
Charles Morton 83-77-80-78--318  
Arthur Reid 77-76-83-83--319  
Elwood Queen 76-75-86-83--320  
a-Jimmy Johnston 86-75-85-82--328  
Jack Jolly 78-84-82-84--328  
H.L. Van Every 81-79-85-83--328  

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