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1914 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1914 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

At the start of the 1914 U.S. Open, Walter Hagen was a brash, 22-year-old who had not yet won any tournaments now recognized as PGA Tour wins.

At the end of the tournament, Hagen was a U.S. Open winner - the first of his 45 wins recognized as PGA Tour victories, the first of his 11 major championship wins.

Hagen opened with a 68 despite playing in pain after a dinner the night before of some possibly tainted seafood. But shooting 68 - the lowest score carded in a U.S. Open to this point - can make a man feel a whole lot better.

Hagen led by two over Tom McNamara and by three over defending champion (and amateur) Francis Ouimet entering the final round, but both McNamara (83) and Ouimet (78) faltered over the final 18. Hagen held steady with a 73, finishing one stroke ahead of fast-closing amateur Chick Evans. Ouimet wound up in fifth place.

Johnny McDermott, the 1911 and 1912 winner, tied for ninth. Despite being only 22 years old, it was McDermott's final appearance. Late in 1914, McDermott suffered a breakdown of some kind, from which he never recovered. He spent most of the rest of his life in a mental institution - although he continued to play golf recreationally, and often quite well.

Amateur Jack Neville, who several years later was one of the codesigners of Pebble Beach Golf Links, finished 39th in his only U.S. Open appearance.

1914 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1914 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Midlothian Country Club in Midlothian, Illinois (a-amateur):

Walter Hagen 68-74-75-73--290 $300
a-Chick Evans 76-74-71-70--291  
Fred McLeod 78-73-75-71--297 $125
George Sargent 74-77-74-72--297 $125
Mike Brady 78-72-74-74--298 $75
James Donaldson 72-79-74-73--298 $75
a-Francis Ouimet 69-76-75-78--298  
Louis Tellier 72-75-74-78--299 $60
John McDermott 77-74-74-75--300 $45
Arthur Smith 79-73-76-72--300 $45
a-William Rautenbush 76-75-75-75--301  
James Simpson 76-71-77-77--301 $30
Jim Barnes 73-76-80-73--302 $3
Charles Hoffner 77-76-77-72--302 $3
Tom McNamara 72-71-76-83--302 $3
Joe Mitchell 77-69-77-79--302 $3
J.J. O'Brien 74-72-77-79--302 $3
Robert Peebles 78-75-74-75--302 $3
George Simpson 73-76-76-77--302 $3
Dan Kenney 76-75-76-76--303  
Tom Kerrigan 76-73-77-77--303  
Alex Ross 72-75-82-76--305  
a-Warren Wood 77-73-77-78--305  
Walter Fovargue 81-71-77-77--306  
Jack Munro 83-74-75-75--307  
Robert Thompson 79-75-78-75--307  
Otto Hackbarth 82-75-77-75--309  
Fred Brand 78-74-76-82--310  
Jack Burke Sr. 75-77-77-81--310  
Chester Nelson 77-81-77-75--310  
Tom Vardon 76-76-77-82--311  
William Bell 79-79-75-79--312  
a-Kenneth Edwards 77-76-81-78--312  
Herbert Lagerblade 75-78-75-84--312  
Willie Kidd 80-77-81-75--313  
Alex Taylor 80-77-77-79--313  
Charles W. Hall 76-77-81-81--315  
Jack Jolly 81-77-79-78--315  
George Cummings 77-81-80-78--316  
a-Jack Neville 78-77-80-81--316  
John Gatherum 78-77-82-80--317  
a-Dave McKay 77-82-79-79--317  
Andrew Campbell 83-80-73-82--318  
Dick Hackbarth 73-84-82-80--319  
Jack Croke 77-83-82-78--320  
A.G. Herr 80-78-79-83--320  
Willie Maguire 77-80-81-82--320  
James Green 80-81-79-82--322  
Frank Adams 80-81-84-80--325  
James Thompson 81-77-84-83--325  

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