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1911 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1911 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

A year earlier, when he was 18 years old, Johnny McDermott lost in a 3-way playoff at the 1910 U.S. Open. But at the 1911 U.S. Open, McDermott won in a 3-way playoff.

And that means McDermott won the U.S. Open at 19 years of age. He was the youngest champion then, and he remains the youngest U.S. Open winner ever still today.

There was more significance to McDermott's victory than just that, however: He also was the first native-born American golfer to win the American national championship. Golf in America was still dominated by English and Scots golfers at this point, but McDermott helped turn the tide.

McDermott repeated as champion in 1912, and he had other big wins in the 1910-1913 period, too. But a series of personal, financial and professional setbacks caused some kind of mental breakdown in McDermott late in 1914. His professional golf career was over at age 23, and he spent much of the rest of his life in mental institutions.

Mike Brady and George Simpson had already finished at 307, both shooting 75s in the final round, when McDermott reached the 72nd hole trailing by one. But McDermott sank a birdie to make it a three-man playoff.

Simpson was ill during the playoff and never a factor, while Brady battled McDermott to a tie through 14 holes. But McDermott took it from there, finishing with an 80 to Brady's 82.

Brady finished third the following year, and had one other runner-up finish in the U.S. Open, as well.

1911 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1911 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-John McDermott 81-72-75-79--307 $300
Mike Brady 76-77-79-75--307 $150
George Simpson 76-77-79-75--307 $100
Fred McLeod 77-72-76-83--308 $80
Jock Hutchison 80-77-73-79--309 $65
Gilbert Nicholls 76-78-74-81--309 $65
Herbert Barker 75-81-77-78--311 $45
George Sargent 76-77-84-74--311 $45
Peter Robertson 79-76-78-79--312 $25
Alex Ross 74-75-81-82--312 $25
a-Albert Seckel 78-80-80-75--313  
Alex Campbell 81-77-72-84--314  
Harry Turpie 77-76-82-79--314  
Chester Nelson 79-85-74-77--315  
James Donaldson 78-81-83-74--316  
George Low 80-78-82-76--316  
R.L. Simpson 81-82-75-79--317  
John Burke 79-77-78-85--319  
a-Ned Sawyer 84-79-77-79--319  
Grange Alves 82-80-73-85--320  
George Cummings 82-80-79-79--320  
a-Mason Phelps 78-78-78-86--320  
a-H. Chandler Egan 81-80-77-83--321  
a-Robert Gardner 81-78-79-83--321  
Alex Smith 76-78-82-85--321  
a-Robert Watson 82-79-78-82--321  
James B. Simpson 81-82-78-80--321  
Walter Fovargue 83-81-80-78--322  
a-S.J. Foulis 79-80-82-83--324  
Otto Hackbarth 78-74-83-89--324  
Robert MacDonald 80-82-75-87--324  
Tom McNamara 77-87-79-81--324  
Lee Nelson 80-84-81-80--325  
a-Knowlton Ames 84-81-80-81--326  
David Patrick 83-81-77-85--326  
John Gatherum 80-81-82-84--327  
Willard Hutchinson 82-80-81-84--327  
David Livie 82-83-77-85--327  
Willie Mann 3 84-79-81-83--327  
Charles Rowe 83-82-83-79--327  
Jack Hobens 82-82-81-83--328  
William Hoare 82-82-81-84--329  
David Hunter 79-81-82-87--329  
Alex Taylor 85-82-79-83--329  
Charles Bell 80-84-82-84--330  
William Sherwood 79-80-87-87--333  
James Foulis Jr. 83-82-85-84--334  
Jack Croke 83-78-88-86--335  
John Dingwall 88-80-81-86--335  
Jack Jolly 80-82-84-89--335  
Robert Peebles 84-82-85-84--335  
a-John Sellers 80-81-85-89--335  
Wallie Nelson 82-82-80-92--336  
Jack Morton 81-84-84-91--340  
a-Carl Devol 82-81-87-91--341  

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