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1909 British Open

Recap and Scores for the 1909 British Open Golf Tournament

J.H. Taylor won the 1909 British Open by six strokes, earning the Claret Jug for the fourth time.

But his showing here also was the last year of an impressive streak: From 1893-1909 - 17 years in a row - Taylor finished inside the Top 10 in the Open. That streak ended in 1910 when he was 14th. After that, though, Taylor added six more Top 10s, the last in 1925, and had one more victory at the 1913 British Open.

James Braid and Tom Ball tied for second place. This was one of four times Braid - himself a 5-time winner of the Open - was runner-up. For Ball, it was the second straight year he finished second.

The host course in 1909 was Royal Cinque Ports in Deal, Kent, England, a course that is adjacent to the (today) better-known Royal St. George's. The 1909 Open was the first of two played at Royal Cinque Ports; the last time the course was the Open site was at the 1920 British Open.

1909 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1909 British Open golf tournament played at Royal Cinque Ports Golf Club in Deal, Kent, England (a-amateur):

J.H. Taylor 74-73-74-74--295
Tom Ball 74-75-76-76--301
James Braid 79-75-73-74--301
Charles Johns 72-76-79-75--302
Thomas Renouf 76-78-76-73--303
Ted Ray 77-76-76-75--304
William Horne 77-78-77-74--306
James Hepburn 78-77-76-76--307
Sandy Herd 76-75-80-76--307
a-Bertie Lassen 82-74-74-78--308
Bernard Nicholls 78-76-77-77--308
George Pulford 81-76-76-75--308
a-Robert Maxwell 75-80-80-74--309
Ernest Gaudin 76-77-77-80--310
Peter Rainford 78-76-76-80--310
George Cawsey 79-76-78-78--311
Ben Sayers Sr. 79-77-79-77--312
Robert Thomson 81-79-75-77--312
a-Cecil Hutchinson 75-81-78-79--313
Tom Vardon 80-75-80-78--313
Fred Collins 81-78-75-80--314
George Duncan 77-82-80-75--314
Ernest Foord 77-80-81-76--314
Michael Moran 82-81-74-77--314
Wilfred Reid 77-83-78-76--314
Albert Bellworthy 76-84-78-78--316
Arthur Butchart 80-79-80-77--316
John D. Edgar 81-81-76-78--316
Rowland Jones 80-79-79-78--316
Harry Vardon 82-77-79-78--316
James Batley 79-83-79-76--317
Jean Gassiat 77-78-82-80--317
Fred Robson 79-78-77-83--317
James Sherlock 78-81-78-81--318
Eddie Goodban 78-81-83-77--319
Arnaud Massy 76-84-80-79--319
C. Ralph Smith 85-79-77-78--319
James Kay 79-78-82-81--320
Alfred Matthews 80-80-85-75--320
James Soutar 80-78-86-76--320
Albert Tingey 81-79-84-76--320
Charles Mayo 78-83-83-77--321
a-R.E. Myddelton 76-83-78-84--321
George Cawkwell 80-81-82-79--322
Hugh McNeill 75-87-77-83--322
Charles Roberts 80-81-79-82--322
Arthur Reid 83-80-79-81--323
Phillip Gaudin 79-83-77-85--324
Percy Hills 79-78-84-83--324
Ben Sayers Jr. 82-81-81-80--324
Arthur Day 82-81-84-78--325
Robert Finch 79-85-80-81--325
Ernest Gray 80-82-82-81--325
Albert Hallam 77-85-81-82--325
William Hunter 86-81-74-84--325
John Park 82-82-79-82--325
B. Skoyles 85-76-85-81--327
J. Piper 73-85-82-89--329
a-R.W. Orr 87-83-78-82--330
Sidney Ball 85-85-83-78--331
H. Cheal 84-85-85-82--336
John McAndrew 83-88-80-90--341

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