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1908 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1908 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Fred McLeod defeated Willie Smith in an 18-hole playoff to claim victory at the 1908 U.S. Open.

While it was the only major championship victory for McLeod, he remained competitive for many more years at golf's top levels. McLeod had eight Top 10s in the U.S. Open, the last coming in 1921 (when he was 39 years old). His last Top 10 at the British Open was in 1926. McLeod continued appearing at The Masters until 1963, and from 1963 through 1976 - when he was 94 years old - hit an honorary opening drive at The Masters.

High winds over the two days of the tournament led to a winning score of 322, the third-highest winning score in tournament history. McLeod was able to break 80 in only one round, the fourth round.

Smith, the 1899 U.S. Open winner, led the field by three and McLeod by five at the midway point. But McLeod trimmed the deficit to one after three rounds, then shot 77 to Smith's 78 to force the playoff.

McLeod won the playoff by six strokes, 77 to 83. Willie Smith's brother Alex Smith finished third.

1908 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1908 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, Massachusetts (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Fred McLeod 82-82-81-77--322 $300
Willie Smith 77-82-85-78--322 $150
Alex Smith 80-83-83-81--327 $100
Willie Anderson 85-86-80-79--330 $80
John Jones 81-81-87-82--331 $70
Jack Hobens 86-81-85-81--333 $45
Peter Robertson 89-84-77-83--333 $45
Percy Barrett 94-80-86-78--338 $28
Jock Hutchison 82-84-87-85--338 $28
Richard Kimball 84-86-83-86--339  
Tom McNamara 85-82-86-86--339  
Donald Ball 90-81-86-83--340  
Alex Campbell 85-83-89-83--340  
George Low 92-80-84-84--340  
Robert Peebles 85-85-85-85--340  
David Hunter 87-87-84-83--341  
Herbert Barker 84-85-88-86--343  
Mike Brady 86-87-87-83--343  
Orrin Terry 86-87-83-87--343  
David Robertson 89-83-86-86--344  
Laurie Auchterlonie 85-83-83-95--346  
H.T. Rawlins 85-89-88-84--346  
Isaac Mackie 94-88-84-81--347  
Alex Ross 89-85-91-82--347  
a-Walter Travis 90-83-87-87--347  
Jack Campbell 91-89-87-82--349  
David Brown 87-86-91-86--350  
David Ogilvie 91-89-87-83--350  
Arthur Smith 97-85-85-85--352  
Herbert Strong 91-89-88-84--352  
Bert Way 92-88-87-85--352  
George Cummings 90-85-96-83--354  
James Maiden 94-85-86-90--355  
John Dingwall 98-83-85-90--356  
a-John B. Hylan 93-85-89-89--356  
J.S. Pearson 93-84-92-87--356  
Ernest Way 89-90-93-84--356  
a-John G. Anderson 95-83-89-90--357  
Walter Fovargue 93-87-85-92--357  
Otto Hackbarth 90-92-84-92--358  
Donald Ross 93-86-88-91--358  
David Honeyman 91-86-93-89--359  
Stewart Maiden 93-89-85-92--359  
William Robinson 95-87-86-91--359  
Jack Croke 91-90-93-86--360  

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