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1903 British Open

Recap and Scores for the 1903 British Open Golf Tournament

Harry Vardon won his fourth Open Championship at the 1903 British Open, beating his brother to do it.

Tom Vardon never won the British Open, but he was a talented golfer in his own right. Tom posted 10 Top 10 finishes in the Open, and his runner-up finish in 1903 was his best showing. Tom even outplayed Harry over the final 36 holes, shooting 149 to Harry's 150. But an 81 in the second round was too much for Tom to overcome, and in the end he finished six strokes behind his brother.

Jack White - who one year later won the 1904 British Open, and become the first golfer to post a lower score in each successive round - finished third.

At this point in his career, Harry Vardon had posted Open victories in 1896, 1898 and 1899, and had also won the 1900 U.S. Open. After this, he added two more Open titles (1911 and 1914).

Vardon held or shared the lead throughout the 1903 British Open, the second time he accomplished that feat. Today, Vardon remains the only golfer to record two wire-to-wire wins in a British Open.

1903 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1903 British Open golf tournament played at Prestwick Golf Club in Prestwick, South Ayrshire, Scotland (a-amateur):

Harry Vardon 73-77-72-78--300
Tom Vardon 76-81-75-74--306
Jack White 77-78-74-79--308
Sandy Herd 73-83-76-77--309
James Braid 77-79-79-75--310
Andrew Scott 77-77-83-77--314
Robert Thomson 83-78-77-76--314
William Leaver 79-79-77-80--315
George Cawsey 80-78-76-82--316
J.H. Taylor 80-82-78-76--316
Andrew Kirkaldy 82-79-78-78--317
Tom Williamson 76-80-79-82--317
William Hunter 81-74-79-84--318
a-Robert Maxwell 82-84-76-76--318
Ernest Gray 77-83-79-80--319
James Kinnell 78-86-76-79--319
Willie Park Jr. 78-86-80-75--319
Albert Bellworthy 80-86-77-77--320
David Kinnell 82-78-80-80--320
George Pulford 79-86-79-76--320
Alfred Toogood 86-77-80-77--320
John Hunter 77-79-84-81--321
Ben Sayers 79-84-80-78--321
Ted Ray 90-78-80-75--323
Willie Fernie 78-81-76-89--324
James Hepburn 78-82-87-77--324
a-Harold Hilton 81-79-83-81--324
Rowland Jones 82-82-81-79--324
John Milne 81-86-79-78--324
George Coburn 81-82-75-87--325
John H. Oke 80-81-81-83--325
Archie Simpson 79-85-80-81--325
a-Robert Andrew 78-85-79-84--326
Ernest Foord 80-84-81-82--327
James Kay 86-82-80-79--327
Peter Rainford 82-83-78-84--327
a-J.A. Donaldson 83-84-81-80--328
a-John E. Laidlay 81-88-81-78--328
Frank Larke 82-87-78-81--328
Alfred Lewis 80-82-81-85--328
Arnaud Massy 81-84-77-86--328
John W. Taylor 80-82-82-84--328
Tom Yeoman 81-86-83-78--328
Harry Cawsey 80-88-80-81--329
Willie Auchterlonie 83-84-79-84--330
Fred Collins 84-82-85-79--330
Joseph Parr 81-84-80-85--330
William McEwan 85-78-88-80--331
a-R.W. Orr 79-90-82-82--333
a-James Robb 83-80-85-85--333
James Batley 79-87-83-85--334
Laurence Gourlay 82-85-83-84--334
Charles Neaves 86-81-79-89--335
Wilfred Reid 81-86-84-84--335
Alfred Beck 83-85-89-86--343
John Hill 85-84-88-87--344
George Cassidy 85-84-86-90--345

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