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1902 US Open

Champ establishes two important 'firsts' on road to victory

The winner of the 1902 U.S. Open was Laurie Auchterlonie, and he established two "firsts" to claim the trophy:

  • Auchterlonie was the first golfer in U.S. Open history to score below 80 in all four rounds;
  • And he was the first golfer to win the U.S. Open using the newly invented Haskell ball.

The two "firsts" were linked: the Haskell ball helped make possible the lower scoring as a big improvement over the previous gutta-percha golf balls. One year earlier, Walter Travis won the U.S. Amateur and Sandy Herd won the British Open using Haskell balls. The Haskell made its way into the U.S. Open this year. Haskell balls had a solid core with rubber strips or threads wound around the core (a method of golf ball construction used throughout the remainder of the 20th century). They flew farther than the gutta-percha balls they replaced.

Auchterlonie trailed by a stroke following Round 1, but took the lead after the second and stretched it with a third-round 74. He wound up lowering the young tournament record by six strokes. Six shots was also his margin of victory over runner-up Stewart Gardner. In third was amateur Travis, who was the designer of the host golf course, Garden City Golf Club.

Auchterlonie, a Scotsman, played the British Open several times before emigrating to the United States. From 1899 through 1906, he finished in the Top 10 in seven out of eight U.S. Opens.

1902 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1902 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Garden City Golf Club in Garden City, New York (a-amateur):

Laurie Auchterlonie 78-78-74-77=307 $200
Stewart Gardner 82-76-77-78=313 $150
a-Walter Travis 82-82-75-74=313  
Willie Smith 82-79-80-75=316 $125
Willie Anderson 79-82-76-81=318 $90
John Shippen 83-81-75-79=318 $90
Charles Thorn 80-82-80-77=319 $70
Harry Turpie 79-85-78-78=320 $50
Donald Ross 80-83-78-81=322 $40
Alex Ross 83-77-84-79=323 $30
William Norton 83-82-79-81=325 $25
David Brown 80-88-82-76=326  
George Low 83-84-78-81=326  
Jack Campbell 77-87-79-85=328  
Jack Hobens 85-82-80-81=328  
A.G. Griffiths 79-86-82-83=330  
Horace Rawlins 89-83-79-79=330  
Gilbert Nicholls 88-86-73-84=331  
Alex Smith 79-86-80-86=331  
Alex Campbell 88-82-83-79=332  
James Foulis 81-88-82-81=332  
John Harland 82-82-83-85=332  
Willie Hunter 82-82-81-87=332  
Fred Herd 82-79-83-89=333  
Jack Park 79-89-85-81=334  
George Braid 85-81-84-85=335  
James Campbell 88-84-82-81=335  
Bernard Nicholls 89-84-84-79=336  
John Mackie 88-82-84-84=338  
Alex Findlay 85-81-87-86=339  
David Hunter 83-81-91-84=339  
R.S. Patrick 85-87-84-83=339  
William Donovan 88-84-83-85=340  
David Ogilvie 86-90-83-81=340  
Walter Fovargue n 90-86-81-84=341  
a-Paul Murphy 86-90-83-82=341  
Peter Eagan 85-86-89-82=342  
John Young 84-86-80-92=342  
John Pierson 87-87-85-84=343  
David Leitch 84-86-87-88=345  
a-Robert C. Watson 88-85-86-86=345  
John Jones 89-88-88-82=347  
a-Louis Livingston Jr. 90-83-87-88=348  
Robert Thompson 87-92-83-86=348  
David Patrick 92-85-86-87=350  
Arthur Fenn 92-93-83-84=352  
Jack Jolly 84-97-95-86=362  
Robert Dow 89-92-89-83=353  
Charles Seeley 82-90-93-88=353  
a-Arthur Lockwood 96-81-87-92=356  
Joe Mitchell 91-84-92-89=356  
a-Charles Macdonald 87-91-90-89=357  
a-Frank Croker 90-88-87-95=360  
Willie Collins 90-90-92-89=361  

1901 U.S. Open - 1903 U.S. Open
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