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1901 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1901 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Willie Anderson defeated Alex Smith in an 18-hole playoff to win the 1901 U.S. Open, the first of four victories in this event by Anderson. In fact, all four of Anderson's wins happened in the 5-year period from 1901 through 1905.

During that span, Anderson became the first 2-time winner of a U.S. Open, the first back-to-back winner, the first 3-time winner, and the first 4-time winner. He remains, to this day, the only golfer to win the U.S. Open three straight years (1903-05); and he still shares - with Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus - the tournament record for wins (four).

This was the first of two times that Smith finished runner-up to Anderson in a U.S. Open, but Smith also won the 1906 U.S. Open and 1910 U.S. Open.

Smith's brother, Willie Smith (the 1899 champion), finished third, two strokes out of the playoff.

The playoff (pushed back from Sunday to Monday because the course was reserved for member play on Sundays) was the very first playoff in a U.S. Open. Smith appeared to have it won when he took a 5-stroke lead with five holes to play. But Anderson finished with five straight 4s. So, the USGA's history states, when Smith missed a 4-foot putt on the 18th green, Anderson was the champion. Anderson shot 85 to Smith's 86 in the playoff.

The tournament was played at Myopia Hunt Club, and the club pro, John Jones, finished 12th. Nothing too remarkable about that - until you know that Jones was also Willie Anderson's caddie. That's right, Jones both played in and caddied in the 1901 U.S. Open.

1901 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1901 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, Massachusetts (x-won playoff; a-amateur):

x-Willie Anderson 84-83-83-81-85=331 $200
Alex Smith 82-82-87-80-86=331 $150
Willie Smith 84-86-82-81=333 $125
Stewart Gardner 86-82-81-85=334 $100
Laurie Auchterlonie 81-85-86-83=335 $75
Bernard Nicholls 84-85-83-83=335 $75
David Brown 86-83-83-84=336 $50
Alex Campbell 84-91-82-82=339 $25
George Low 82-89-85-85=341  
Jack Park 87-84-85-85=341  
James Foulis 88-85-85-89=347  
John Jones 87-84-87-80=338  
Val Fitzjohn 86-86-89-87=348  
Gilbert Nicholls 87-87-88-87=349  
Robert Simpson 88-87-87-87=349  
Isaac Mackie 87-88-85-90=350  
Arthur Fenn 87-90-87-87=351  
a-Arthur Lockwood 82-89-89-91=351  
Horace Rawlins 90-84-88-89=351  
Joe Lloyd 90-87-86-89=352  
Donald Ross 94-86-91-84=355  
Walter Clark 88-90-92-87=357  
Alex Taylor 94-84-92-87=357  
Harry Turpie 92-87-88-90=357  
David Hunter 91-92-89-87=359  
R.S. Patrick 90-91-87-91=359  
Willie Davis 88-91-92-89=360  
John Dingwall 89-96-89-87=361  
Ed Fitzjohn 90-86-92-93=361  
John Harland 92-92-93-84=361  
Willie Hunter 88-96-91-86=361  
Launcelot Servos 94-83-91-93=361  
Joe Mitchell 94-94-92-83=363  
William Kirk 99-86-93-88=366  
Jack Hobens 90-90-88-90=358  
John Harrison 92-93-93-90=368  
Alex Patrick 90-90-94-95=369  
John Anson 100-94-95-90=379  
C.D. Cronin 99-93-92-100=384  

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