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1900 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1900 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

Two-third of Britain's "Great Triumvirate" of golfers was entered in the 1900 U.S. Open, and they finished 1-2. Harry Vardon was the winner, and J.H. Taylor the runner-up.

It was Vardon's first time playing the U.S. Open. He was in America on an exhibition tour for Spalding Sporting Goods, which made the "Vardon Flyer" golf ball. Vardon played the U.S. Open only twice more, and was runner-up both times (1913 and 1920).

Taylor was also playing the U.S. Open for the first time, and he played it only once more. Taylor was coincidentally in America for business purposes in 1900, giving him this opportunity.

(The third member of the Great Triumvirate, James Braid, never played a U.S. Open.)

Vardon led Taylor by a stroke after 36 holes and by four shots following the third round. Vardon then carded 80 to Taylor's 78 for the final 2-stroke margin of victory. The third-place finisher, David Bell, was another seven shots behind Taylor.

1900 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1900 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Chicago Golf Club in Wheaton, Illinois (a-amateur):

Harry Vardon 79-78-76-80=313 $200
J.H. Taylor 76-82-79-78=315 $150
David Bell 78-83-83-78=322 $125
Laurie Auchterlonie 84-82-80-81=327 $90
Willie Smith 82-83-79-83=327 $90
George Low 84-80-85-82=331 $70
Tom Hutchinson 81-87-81-84=333 $50
Harry Turpie 84-87-79-84=334 $25
Stewart Gardner 85-78-84-89=336  
Val Fitzjohn 84-83-89-82=338  
Willie Anderson 83-88-79-89=339  
Alex Campbell 86-77-93-83=339  
Alex Smith 90-84-82-84=340  
James Foulis 86-88-87-82=343  
Robert Simpson 84-84-88-87=343  
Fred Herd 85-89-84-86=344  
Arthur Smith 89-85-85-85=344  
Bert Way 88-85-84-87=344  
William Norton 87-87-84-87=345  
Harry Rawlins 86-84-90-85=345  
Ernest Way 89-92-81-84=346  
Joseph Schlotman 85-94-83-88=350  
Robert McAndrew 87-93-87-84=351  
Joe Mitchell 88-96-82-85=351  
Henry Gullane 89-89-92-82=352  
Arner Tollifson 93-87-88-84=352  
William Hoare 90-87-91-85=353  
John Shippen 94-87-89-83=353  
Robert Foulis 85-89-90-90=354  
a-Charles Macdonald 86-90-90-89=355  
a-Hugo Johnston 85-87-90-94=356  
Horace Rawlins 98-85-88-85=356  
John Campbell 96-85-89-87=357  
James Hutchinson 86-89-87-96=358  
David Hunter 89-86-94-91=360  
Alex Taylor 89-87-93-91=360  
a-William Holabird 93-87-92-89=361  
George Turpie 89-84-91-97=361  
a-John Stuart 94-92-84-92=362  
George Braid 84-93-90-96=363  
David Mentiply 90-89-94-91=364  
Patrick Corcoran 101-90-96-90=377  
Robert White 99-94-93-92=378  
a-Walter Egan 98-89-90-102=379  
John Harrison 102-90-93-98=383  

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