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1898 US Open

Recap and Scores for the 1898 US Open Golf Tournament

The 1898 U.S. Open was the fourth one played, but the first one played over 72 holes. The previous three were only 36 holes in length. The host course, Myopia Hunt Club in Massachussetts, only had nine holes, so the golfers played those nine holes eight times each, over two days (June 17-18).

And the winner was Fred Herd, a native of St. Andrews, Scotland. (Herd's brother Sandy won the 1902 British Open.)

Herd's 75 in the third round was the low round of the tournament, and one of only two sub-80 rounds. The other (a 78) was carded by runner-up Alex Smith in the first round. This was the first of three runner-up finishes in a U.S. Open by Smith, but Smith also won twice (1906 and 1910).

According to the USGA's tournament history, Herd's reputation as a hard drinker was so well-known that before he was allowed to take possession of the championship trophy, the USGA required Herd to leave a cash deposit. The USGA was worried Herd might pawn the trophy to get money for liquor.

1898 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1898 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Myopia Hunt Club in South Hamilton, Massachussetts (a-amateur):

Fred Herd 84-85-75-84--328 $150
Alex Smith 78-86-86-85--335 $100
Willie Anderson 81-82-87-86--336 $50
Joe Lloyd 87-80-86-86--339 $25
Willie Smith 82-91-85-82--340 $10
William Hoare 84-84-87-87--342  
Willie Dunn 85-87-87-85--344  
John Jones 83-84-90-90--347  
a-Herbert Leeds 81-84-93-89--347  
Robert McAndrew 85-90-86-86--347  
Bernard Nicholls 86-87-88-86--347  
Harry Turpie 85-87-86-91--349  
Alex Findlay 89-88-84-89--350  
John Lister 92-88-90-85--355  
Willie Tucker 90-89-87-89--355  
a-James Curtis 87-88-88-93--356  
John Harland 84-93-93-87--357  
William Davis 91-88-95-85--359  
Horace Rawlins 91-90-92-88--361  
a-James Tyng 92-91-88-90--361  
a-Quincy Shaw 88-85-93-98--364  
Jack Youds 92-90-92-90--364  
J.H. Mercer 85-95-93-93--366  
Gilbert Nicholls 91-92-91-92--366  
John Dunn 91-88-91-97--367  
Willie Campbell 93-91-97-101--382  
a-H.R. Sweny 92-97-96-99--384  
a-Winthrop Rutherford 100-99-98-91--388  
Walter Stoddard 103-95-97-96--391  

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