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1895 U.S. Open
Recap and Scores for the 1895 U.S. Open Golf Tournament

The 1895 U.S. Open was the first one ever played. It took place at Newport Country Club in Rhode Island, with four rounds of nine holes each, 36 holes total. Horace Rawlins was the first U.S. Open champion.

Fourteen players (including four amateurs) entered, and 10 of them completed the tournament. In addition to the 10 golfers listed below, there was also William Norton, who withdrew after 18 holes; plus Charles B. Macdonald, Winthrop Rutherford and Lawrence Stoddart, each of whom withdrew before play began.

The U.S. Open was played a day after the completion of the very first U.S. Amateur (won by Macdonald), which was contested on the same course. (The Open and Amateur were played on the same course each of the first three years of their existence.)

Rawlins won by two strokes over Willie Dunn and by three over James Foulis and amateur Andrew Smith. For winning, Rawlins received a gold medal and $150.

Rawlins was runner-up the following year (to Foulis), and played in 15 U.S. Opens total, the last in 1912.

1895 U.S. Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1895 U.S. Open golf tournament played at Newport Country Club in Newport, Rhode Island (a-amateur):

Horace Rawlins 45-46-41-41--173 $150
Willie Dunn 43-46-44-42--175 $100
James Foulis 46-43-44-43--176 $50
a-Andrew Smith 47-43-44-42--176  
William Davis 45-49-42-42--178 $25
Willie Campbell 41-48-42-48--179 $10
John Harland 45-48-43-47--183 $10
John Patrick 46-48-46-43--183 $10
Samuel Tucker 49-48-45-43--185  
John Reid 49-51-55-51--206  

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