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1879 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1879 British Open Golf Tournament

Jamie Anderson finished second in the first Open Championship played at St. Andrews. In 1879, the Open visited St. Andrews for the third time, and this time Anderson won.

The third time truly was a charm for Anderson - this win was his third straight year as winner of the British Open.

In its 19th playing and its 20th year of existance, the British Open title was shared by a small group of golfers. Anderson was the fourth golfer during that time period to win the tournament three times or more (the others being Old Tom Morris, Willie Park Sr. and Young Tom Morris). Anderson was the second golfer to win the Open three straight years (Young Tom Morris, who won four straight, being the first).

1879 British Open Scores
Results from the 1879 British Open golf tournament played at St. Andrews, Scotland (a-amateur):

Jamie Anderson 84-85--169
Andrew Kirkaldy 86-86--172
Jamie Allan 88-84--172
George Paxton 89-85--174
Tom Kidd 87-88--175
Bob Ferguson 89-87--176
David Anderson Sr. 94-94--178
James O. Morris 92-87--179
Tom Dunn 90-99--179
Walter Gourlay 92-87--179
a-A.W. Smith n/a--180
Willie Fernie 92-89--181
Jack Kirkaldy 92-89--181
James Rennie 93-88--181
T. Arundel 95-89--184
David Ayton 95-89--184
a-Henry Lamb 91-93--184
a-William Doleman 91-94--185
R. Kinsman 88-97--185
d Tom Morris 92-93--185
Bob Martin 93-93--186
Robert Tait n/a--186
Ben Sayers 92-95--187
*Smith 94-95--189
David Corstorphine 93-96--189
Robert Dow 95-94--189
David Grant Sr. 95-94--189
Peter Paxton 99-90--189
a-Douglas Robertson 97-93--190
Robert Armit 95-96--191
George Strath 97-94--191
a-J.H. Blackwell 96-96--192
Tom Manzie 96-97--193
G.K. Honeyman 97-97--194
George Lowe 94-100--194
James Fenton 99-97--196
Bob Kirk 99-98--197
*D. Lundie 98-99--197
a-Fitz Boothby 96-102--198
Thomson White 102-99--201
James Kirk 105-97--202
a-W.H. Goff 105-99--204
*Full name not known

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