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1969 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1969 British Open Golf Tournament

Englishman Tony Jacklin won the 1969 British Open, becoming the first British winner since Max Faulkner's victory in 1951.

Jacklin took the lead away from Bob Charles after the third round, shooting 70 to Charles' 75. That gave Jacklin a 2-stroke edge heading into the final round, and he maintained that margin over Charles to the end.

Charles, for the second straight year, finished second; Roberto De Vicenzo and 5-time British Open winner Peter Thomson tied for third.

One of the golfers in the Top 10 was Davis Love Jr., father of future PGA Championship winner Davis Love III. Love was a club pro who played his way into more than a dozen majors from 1955 to 1974. His tie for sixth in the 1969 British Open was his best finish in those majors.

Another Top 10 finish was recorded by Peter Alliss. Alliss' eighth-place showing here was the last of his five Top 10 finishes in the Open Championship.

1969 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1969 British Open golf tournament played at the par-71 Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Club in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire, England (a-amateur):

Tony Jacklin 68-70-70-72--280
Bob Charles 66-69-75-72--282
Roberto De Vicenzo 72-73-66-72--283
Peter Thomson 71-70-70-72--283
Christy O'Connor 71-65-74-74--284
Davis Love Jr. 70-73-71-71--285
Jack Nicklaus 75-70-68-72--285
Peter Alliss 73-74-73-66--286
Kel Nagle 74-71-72-70--287
Miller Barber 69-75-75-69--288
Neil Coles 75-76-70-68--289
Tommy Horton 71-76-70-72--289
Cobie Legrange 79-70-71-69--289
Guy Wolstenholme 70-71-76-72--289
Gay Brewer 76-71-68-75--290
Eric Brown 73-76-69-73--291
Bruce Devlin 71-73-75-72--291
Harold Henning 72-71-75-73--291
Brian Huggett 72-72-69-78--291
Orville Moody 71-70-74-76--291
Peter Townsend 73-70-76-72--291
Bert Yancey 72-71-71-77--291
Bernard Hunt 73-71-75-73--292
Gary Player 74-68-76-74--292
Fred Boobyer 74-70-76-73--293
Billy Casper 70-70-75-78--293
Alex Caygill 71-67-79-76--293
Hedley Muscroft 68-77-73-76--294
a-Peter Tupling 73-71-78-72--294
Max Faulkner 71-74-76-74--295
Jean Garaialde 69-77-76-73--295
Mike Ingham 73-73-74-75--295
Donald Swaelens 72-73-76-74--295
Gordon Cunningham 74-72-71-79--296
Raymond Floyd 74-70-76-76--296
John Garner 72-71-76-77--296
Vincent Hood 75-71-74-76--296
Lee Trevino 75-72-71-78--296
Brian Waites 73-75-74-74--296
Brian Barnes 73-73-76-75--297
Jimmy Hitchcock 74-74-73-76--297
a-Michael Bonallack 74-72-73-79--298
Angel Gallardo 72-76-73-77--298
Peter Wilcock 73-74-74-77--298
John Panton 73-69-76-82--300
Hugh Jackson 69-78-75-79--301

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