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1967 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1967 British Open Golf Tournament

A year before his infamous goof that cost him a chance to win the 1968 Masters, Argentine great Roberto De Vicenzo earned his first - and only - major championship victory at the 1967 British Open.

De Vicenzo was 44 years, 93 days old, which made him the third oldest winner of a major at that time. Still today, De Vicenzo remains the oldest winner of the British Open post-1900 (Old Tom Morris was 46 when he won in 1867).

The defending champion was Jack Nicklaus, and Nicklaus shared the lead at the midway point. De Vicenzo shot 67 in the third round to Nicklaus' 71, taking a 2-stroke lead over Gary Player and a 3-stroke lead over Nicklaus into the final round.

And in the final round, De Vicenzo - who had six previous Top 3 finishes in the Open Championship and eight previous Top 6 finishes dating to 1948 - held off Nicklaus' challenge while Player fell back with a 74.

1967 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1967 British Open golf tournament played at the par-72 Royal Liverpool Golf Club in Hoylake, England (a-amateur):

Roberto De Vicenzo 70-71-67-70--278
Jack Nicklaus 71-69-71-69--280
Clive Clark 70-73-69-72--284
Gary Player 72-71-67-74--284
Tony Jacklin 73-69-73-70--285
Harold Henning 74-70-71-71--286
Sebastian Miguel 72-74-68-72--286
Al Balding 74-71-69-73--287
Hugh Boyle 74-74-71-68--287
Bruce Devlin 70-70-72-75--287
Tommy Horton 74-74-69-70--287
Peter Thomson 71-74-70-72--287
Deane Beman 72-76-68-73--289
Mike Hoyle 74-75-69-71--289
Stan Peach 71-75-73-70--289
Lionel Platts 68-73-72-76--289
Guy Wolstenholme 74-71-73-71--289
Barry Coxon 73-76-71-70--290
Hedley Muscroft 72-73-72-73--290
Doug Sanders 71-73-73-73--290
Christy O'Connor Sr. 70-74-71-76--291
Denis Hutchinson 73-72-71-76--292
Peter Mills 72-75-73-72--292
Kel Nagle 70-74-69-79--292
Brian Barnes 71-75-74-73--293
Robin Davenport 76-69-75-73--293
Barry Franklin 70-74-73-76--293
Brian Huggett 73-75-72-73--293
Fred Boobyer 70-71-74-79--294
Jimmy Hume 69-72-73-80--294
Brian Allen 71-77-76-71--295
Gordon Cunningham 74-74-73-74--295
Doug Sewell 71-77-74-73--295
David Snell 77-70-73-75--295
Harry Weetman 76-69-79-71--295
Roberto Bernardini 75-74-74-74--297
Neil Coles 74-72-76-75--297
Bernard Hunt 74-73-73-77--297
Malcolm Leeder 72-76-75-74--297
David Melville 74-74-74-75--297
Cyril Pennington 77-72-74-74--297
Harry Bannerman 74-75-74-75--298
David Bonthron 69-75-79-75--298
Eric Brown 74-75-76-73--298
Phil Rodgers 74-73-77-74--298
Bert Yancey 75-73-71-79--298
David Butler 75-74-75-75--299
Jean Garaialde 76-71-78-74--299
John Panton 73-76-75-75--299
Jack Wilkshire 69-78-79-73--299
Richard Emery 73-75-77-75--300
Malcolm Gregson 76-73-73-78--300
Sewsunker Sewgolum 73-75-77-76--301
Ken Bousfield 73-74-79-76--302
John Cockin 71-78-76-78--303
Bill Ferguson 74-74-80-80--308
Jimmy Martin 75-73-80-80--308

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