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1966 British Open
Recap and Scores for the 1966 British Open Golf Tournament

Jack Nicklaus turned pro in 1962, and won the U.S. Open that same year. In 1963, he won the Masters and PGA Championship. Which left the British Open as the major yet to be won by the Bear. Nicklaus finished 32nd in his first Open Championship in 1962, then third, second and 12th.

And then, in 1966 at Muirfield in Scotland, Nicklaus won the British Open, completing the career Grand Slam. (And it's no coincidence that the "home course" Nicklaus built in Ohio in the early 1970s is called Muirfield Village.)

Tied for second behind Nicklaus were Dave Thomas and Doug Sanders. Sanders never won a major, and his most famous missed opportunity was a playoff loss to Nicklaus at the 1970 British Open. There, Sanders missed a short putt on the 72nd hole that would have won him the tournament.

Neither Sanders nor Thomas gave this title away; both finished par-par as all three players were tied going into the 17th hole. But Nicklaus birdied the par-5 17th, then parred the last to secure the one-stroke victory.

The third-round leader was Nicklaus' friend Phil Rodgers, who led the Bear by two. But Rodgers dropped back with a final-round 76.

Tony Lema, the 1964 British Open champion, played the Open for the final time and finished tied for 30th. Lema was killed in a plane crash about a month later.

1966 British Open Golf Tournament Scores
Results from the 1966 British Open golf tournament played at the par-71 Muirfield in Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland (a-amateur):

Jack Nicklaus 70-67-75-70--282
Doug Sanders 71-70-72-70--283
Dave Thomas 72-73-69-69--283
Bruce Devlin 73-69-74-70--286
Kel Nagle 72-68-76-70--286
Gary Player 72-74-71-69--286
Phil Rodgers 74-66-70-76--286
Dave Marr 73-76-69-70--288
Sebastian Miguel 74-72-70-72--288
Arnold Palmer 73-72-69-74--288
Peter Thomson 73-75-69-71--288
Dick Sikes 73-72-73-72--290
Harold Henning 71-69-75-76--291
Christy O'Connor Sr. 73-72-74-72--291
Julius Boros 73-71-76-72--292
Peter Butler 73-65-80-75--293
Alex Caygill 72-71-73-77--293
Jimmy Hitchcock 70-77-74-72--293
a-Ronnie Shade 71-70-75-77--293
Peter Alliss 74-72-75-73--294
Roberto De Vicenzo 74-72-71-77--294
Doug Sewell 76-69-74-75--294
Eric Brown 78-72-71-74--295
a-Peter Townsend 73-75-72-75--295
George Will 74-75-73-73--295
Keith MacDonald 75-74-70-77--296
a-Michael Bonallack 73-76-75-73--297
Denis Hutchinson 74-73-73-77--297
Bobby Stanton 73-72-73-79--297
Fred Boobyer 72-76-77-73--298
a-Bobby Cole 73-75-73-77--298
Christy Greene 72-76-76-74--298
Alan Henning 73-73-74-78--298
Tony Jacklin 74-76-72-76--298
Tony Lema 71-76-76-75--298
Dai Rees 75-72-77-75--299
Barry Franklin 77-72-79-72--300
Richardo Bernardini 76-73-73-78--300
Bob Charles 74-74-77-75--300
David Snell 73-75-76-76--300
Guy Wolstenholme 73-76-73-78--300
Cyril Pennington 74-75-76-76--301
Jock Burns 76-73-76-77--302
Brian Huggett 76-73-80-73--302
Hedley Muscroft 73-75-79-75--302
Bobby Walker 74-72-76-80--302
Malcolm Gregson 79-71-74-79--303
Eric Lester 74-76-74-79--303
George Low 75-72-79-77--303
Gordon Cunningham 75-75-76-79--305
John Panton 78-72-81-74--305
Craig Defoy 76-73-79-78--306
Vid Miller 73-77-78-78--306
Frank Rennie 74-75-81-76--306
Reg Knight 77-73-77-80--307
Lionel Platts 74-74-78-81--307
Sandy Wilson 76-74-76-81--307
Tony Coop 74-76-79-79--308
Tony Grubb 79-70-84-76--309
John Carter 72-77-85-77--311
Bill Hector 76-72-78-85--311
Lew Taylor 77-71-78-87--313
Iain Clark 77-70-86-82--315

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