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PGA Cut: What is the PGA Championship Cut Rule?


Question: PGA Cut: What is the PGA Championship Cut Rule?
(Note: If you are looking for the PGA Tour cut rule, click that link; the info below is about the PGA Championship cut.)
Answer: The PGA Championship cuts its field following 36 holes of play. The PGA cut rule is that the golfers with the low 70 scores, plus any ties, make the cut and play the final two rounds. Those outside the Top 70 plus ties are cut from the field and do not advance to the final two rounds.

The PGA Championship used a match-play format through 1957, so the PGA cut rule did not come into effect until the 1958 tournament. At that time, a double cut - one cut after 36 holes, a second cut after 54 holes - was introduced.

The tournament rotated between double and single cuts for several years in the early 1960s, but in 1965 permanently switched to a single cut. Today, the PGA Championship cut remains a single cut after 36 holes to the Top 70 plus ties.

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