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What is the Origin of the Par-3 Course and Par-3 Contest?


Augusta Par 3 Course

Masters Par-3 Contest participants have to hit tiny, sloping greens on Augusta's Par-3 Course.

Jamie Squire / Getty Images
Question: What is the Origin of the Par-3 Course and Par-3 Contest?
When was the Par-3 Course added to Augusta National, and when did the Par-3 Contest become a part of tournament week at The Masters?
Answer: The Par-3 Course was added to the grounds of Augusta National, in an area near Augusta's No. 10 hole, in 1958. It was designed by Clifford Roberts and architect George Cobb (Tom Fazio later did some work on the short course, too). The Par-3 Course is 1,060 yards in length and plays to a par of, surprise, 27. DeSoto Springs Pond and Ike's Pond serve as water hazards on the course. (See also: Augusta Par-3 Course photo gallery)

The first Par-3 Contest was held in 1960, and it's been played every year since. The contest is held on Wednesday, the day before the tournament, and is open to the field for that year's Masters, plus former champions in attendance and "Honorary Invitees."

Sam Snead won the first Par-3 Contest. Jack Nicklaus has never won. The contest record is 20, held by Art Wall and Gay Brewer.

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