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Who Played the Most Masters Tournaments?


Gary Player most Masters played

Gary Player (pictured in 1973) holds the record for Masters tournaments played.

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Question: Who Played the Most Masters Tournaments?
Answer: Gary Player holds the record for playing the Masters Tournament the most times with 52 starts. Player first played in the 1957 Masters, and his final appearance was at the 2009 Masters.

Along the way, Player won the tournament three times (1961, 1974, 1978), finished second twice, had 15 Top 10 finishes and 22 Top 25 finishes, and made the cut 30 times.

Next on the list is Arnold Palmer with 50 starts, then Doug Ford with 49, then Raymond Floyd with 46 starts.

Palmer holds the record for consecutive starts with 50 straight years playing The Masters. From his first appearance in the 1955 Masters to his last in the 2004 Masters, Palmer never missed a year.

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