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Do Masters Champions Get to Keep the Green Jacket?


Jose Maria Olazabal in the Green Jacket

Jose Maria Olazabal dons the Green Jacket after winning the 1994 Masters.

Steve Munday/Getty Images

Question: Do Masters Champions Get to Keep the Green Jacket?

The Masters champion receives the traditional Green Jacket at the victory ceremony following his win. But does the Masters champion get to keep the Green Jacket?

Answer: Yes and sort-of. Yes: The winner of the Masters Tournament champion gets to take the Green Jacket home with him and keep it for a year. When he returns to Augusta National the following year, he returns the jacket to the club.

Which brings us to sort-of: From that point on, the champion has "visitation rights" to his Green Jacket. The jacket is considered his, and when he visits Augusta National at any point thereafter, he can retrieve and wear his jacket.

The official website of The Masters, Masters.com, explains a little further:

"Near the conclusion of the Masters, several Jackets are selected which could fit the possible winner during the presentation ceremony. The winner will have his measurements taken at the Club's Golf Shop or may provide measurements so that a custom made Green Jacket can be tailored. Typically, a multiple winner will have only one Green Jacket unless his size drastically changes."

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