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Can I Enter a British Open Qualifier?

British Open FAQ: Playing in qualifying tournaments


British Open qualifying
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So, you want to enter a British Open qualifying tournament to try to play your way into the Open. You can do that - if you are a professional golfer or an amateur with a handicap of scratch or better.

There are three types of British Open qualifying tournaments: Open Qualifying Series (OQS); Final Qualifying; and Regional Qualifying. The Regional Qualifiers are first-stagers that lead into the Final Qualifiers. (The Open Qualifying Series is for tour pros and consists of tour events on the PGA Tour, European Tour, and several other world tours.)

In 2014, 13 Regional Qualifiers were scheduled, which led into four Final Qualifiers. Pro golfers who have Official World Golf Ranking points, or amateur golfers who have won or placed highly in certain big events, thereby meeting exemption criteria, can go straight into a Final Qualifier.

But that's not you, eh? You might be a club pro, or a very, very good amateur, who wants to take a shot at getting into the Open Championship. And that means entering a Regional Qualifier.

All the RQs are played in Great Britain and Ireland, but they are open to golfers from around the world. The entry fee is around £ 130 (subject to change over time, of course). As noted at the top, to enter a Regional Qualifier you must be a professional golfer or an amateur with a handicap no higher than scratch (for GB&I golfers, that handicap is using the CONGU system; for everyone else, the handicap system that is used in your place of residence).

So if you meet those playing standards, and if you have the entry fee, and if you're willing to travel to one of 13 locations in GB&I, then visit the Qualification section of the Open Championship website and download the entry form. Read the fine print, then fill it in and submit it by the entry deadline (which will be noted in said fine print - typically late May).

And good luck!

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