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Why Are Masters Champions Presented with a Green Jacket?


Mark O'Meara Green Jacket

When Mark O'Meara won The Masters in 1998, he received the Green Jacket from his good friend Tiger Woods, the 1997 champion.

Andrew Redington / Getty Images
Question: Why Are Masters Champions Presented with a Green Jacket?
Each year, the winner of The Masters is presented with the famous "Green Jacket." Slipping on the green jacket is the golden moment for many winners of the tournament. But how did a green jacket come to be such a big deal? What is the story behind the vaunted Green Jacket?
Answer: Let's face it: if you saw someone walking around in public in a shamrock green jacket, you'd probably think that person was severely fashion-challenged.

But the Green Jacket presented to the Masters champion is one beautiful piece of outerwear. The tradition of the Green Jacket at Augusta National Golf Club dates to 1937. That year, members of the club wore green jackets during the tournament so that fans in attendance could easily recognize them if a fan needed to ask questions.

According to the tournament's official website, Masters.com:

"Jackets were purchased from the Brooks Uniform Company, New York City ... Members were not initially enthusiastic about wearing the warm, green coat. Within several years, a lightweight, made-to-order Jacket was available from the Club's Golf Shop. ... The single breasted, single vent Jacket's color is 'Masters Green' and is adorned with an Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The logo also appears on the brass buttons."

Soon, the Green Jacket became the symbol of membership in the ultra-exclusive Augusta National Golf Club. And slipping a jacket onto the winner of The Masters - a tradition that began in 1949 - symbolized that golfer's entry into the exclusive club of Masters champions.

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