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Who was the First Non-Brit Golfer to Win the British Open?


French golfer Arnaud Massy

French golfer Arnaud Massy in the early 1900s.

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images
Question: Who was the First Non-Brit Golfer to Win the British Open?
Answer: British golfers won every Open Championship played from the tournament's founding in 1860 through the 1906 Open. Not until the 1907 British Open did a golfer who was not British win the tournament.

The winner in 1907 was French, and that golfer is Arnaud Massy. At the time of this writing, Massy remains the only French golfer to win one of the four professional majors.

In the 46 British Opens played prior to 1907, Scotsmen won 35 of them, Englishmen won six of them, and Harry Vardon won four of them. Vardon was born on the island of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency that is part of the Channel Islands, politically and geographically considered British.

So Arnaud Massy in 1907 was the first non-Brit to win the British Open.

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