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What are the British Open Scoring Records?


Greg Norman

Greg Norman holds the tournament record for lowest 72-hole total.

David Cannon / Getty Images
Question: What are the British Open Scoring Records?
Answer: Below are the British Open records for winning total, winning total in relation to par, individual round, and nine holes:

72 holes
267 - Greg Norman (66-68-69-64), 1993, Royal St. George's

72 holes in relation to par
19-under - Tiger Woods (269), 2000, The Old Course at St. Andrews (par 72)

18 holes
63 - Mark Hayes, 1977, second round, 2nd round; Isao Aoki, 1980, 3rd round; Greg Norman, 1986, 2nd round; Paul Broadhurst, 1990, 3rd round; Jodie Mudd, 1991, 4th round; Nick Faldo, 1993, 2nd round; Payne Stewart, 1993, 4th round

9 holes
28 - Denis Durnian, 1983

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