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What are the Holes Named at Augusta National?


The hole named Azalea at Augusta National

The azaleas are in bloom at Augusta National in this photo taken on Hole 13 - which is named "Azalea."

Stephen Munday/Getty Images

Question: What are the Holes Named at Augusta National?

All the holes at Augusta National Golf Club are named after flowering and/or aromatic trees or shrubs. Here are the 18 hole names:

Answer: No. 1 - Tea Olive
No. 2 - Pink Dogwood
No. 3 - Flowering Peach
No. 4 - Flowering Crab Apple
No. 5 - Magnolia
No. 6 - Juniper
No. 7 - Pampas
No. 8 - Yellow Jasmine
No. 9 - Carolina Cherry
No. 10 - Camellia
No. 11 - White Dogwood
No. 12 - Golden Bell
No. 13 - Azalea
No. 14 - Chinese Fir
No. 15 - Firethorn
No. 16 - Redbud
No. 17 - Nandina
No. 18 - Holly

The holes carry these names in part to honor the heritage of the property on which Augusta National now sits. When the clubs' founders purchased the land, it had been a plant nursery. Each hole also features along its length the plant after which it is named.

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