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How Many Cabins are There On the Grounds of Augusta National?


Augusta National cabins

Butler Cabin is one of the 10 Augusta National cabins.

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Question: How Many Cabins are There On the Grounds of Augusta National?
Answer: There are 10 cabins on the grounds of Augusta National Golf Club that are used by club members and their families when visiting the course. The cabins are also available to guests of club members. "Seven cabins form a semi-circle east of No. 10 fairway and west of the Par 3 course. The Eisenhower, Butler and Roberts Cabins stand alone," says the official website of The Masters.

The Butler Cabin (click for photo and info) is well-known to television viewers since it serves as the studio for the broadcast team. The Roberts Cabin is named after co-founder and longtime club chairman Clifford Roberts. The Eisenhower Cabin (click for photo and info) is named for U.S. President (and World War II hero) Dwight D. Eisenhower.

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