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What Is 'Amen Corner'?


Amen Corner sign at Augusta National

A sign points fans in the direction of Amen Corner during practice days prior to The Masters.

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Question: What Is 'Amen Corner'?

Answer: "Amen Corner" is the monicker given to a 3-hole section of the back nine on Augusta National Golf Club. It is comprised of hole Nos. 11, 12 and 13:

  • Hole 11: Named "White Dogwood." This is a par-4 hole that plays 505 yards.

  • Hole 12: Named "Golden Bell." This par-3 hole is 155 yards with Rae's Creek fronting the green. The Hogan Bridge and Nelson Bridge both cross the creek near this hole.

  • Hole 13: Named "Azalea." This is a par-5 hole that plays 510 yards.

See also: Why is "Amen Corner" called that, and who came up with the name?

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