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The Masters FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about The Masters Golf Tournament


Masters flag
Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

You have questions about The Masters Tournament and Augusta National Golf Club, and this Masters FAQ has answers.

The entries below cover topics relating the tournament, to the golf course and to the club: history, trivia, records, people. Click on a question to view the answer:

How can I get tickets to The Masters?
What are the qualifications for playing in The Masters?
How are Masters tee times/pairings determined?
What is The Masters cut?
When did Augusta National Golf Club open?
Who was the course architect for Augusta National Golf Club?
Who was the first Masters champion?
What was the original name of The Masters?
Why are Masters champions presented with a Green Jacket?
Do Masters champions get to keep the Green Jacket?
Who was the first Masters champion to wear the Green Jacket?
Do Masters winners receive a trophy?
How many players have birdied the final hole to win?
How many players have made birdie on the final putt of the tournament to win?
How many golfers have made a hole-in-one at The Masters?
How many golfers have made double eagle during The Masters?
Who was the first golfer to win The Masters twice?
Who was the first to win The Masters three times?
Who was the first to win The Masters four times?
Who was the first to win The Masters five times?
Who was the first non-American to win The Masters?
Who are the youngest winners of The Masters?
Which golfers have won The Masters in a playoff?
What is the origin of the Champions Dinner?
What are the names of the holes at Augusta National?
What are the yardages at Augusta during The Masters?
What are the course rating and slope rating of Augusta National?
What and where are the famous bridges on Augusta National?
What is Amen Corner?
Why is 'Amen Corner' called that?
How many cabins are there on the grounds of Augusta National?
What is the Eisenhower Cabin?
What and where is the Eisenhower Tree?
What and where is the Palmer plaque?
What and where is the Nicklaus plaque?
What holes does Rae's Creek cross?
What is the origin of Augusta's Par-3 Course and The Masters' Par-3 Contest?
Has a winner of the Par-3 Contest ever won The Masters?
Who has served as honorary starter at The Masters?
Why do golfers try to skip balls across the water during practice rounds? And who started it?
Augusta National membership: How much does it cost, and how do you apply?
Does Augusta National have a pro shop?
Did Bobby Jones play in The Masters? How'd he do?
What are the Masters scoring records?
What are the worst scores in Masters history?
What were Arnold Palmer's yearly finishes in the Masters?
What were Jack Nicklaus' yearly finishes in the Masters?
What is the highest score posted in The Masters?
Who played in the most Masters?
Who were the first women members at Augusta National?


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