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Jack Nicklaus

The Golden Bear on About.com


Jack Nicklaus is arguably the greatest golfer of all-time, and inarguably one of a very small number of golfers in the running for that title. This page is the Jack Nicklaus hub, or index, on About.com. Check the features below.

Jack Nicklaus Biography

Jack Nicklaus 1986 Augusta
David Cannon / Getty Images
Start with this brief biographical profile of the Golden Bear. It focuses on his achievements on the golf course and includes an overview of his PGA Tour and major championship accomplishments.

Jack Nicklaus Quizzes

Jack Nicklaus 1972
Don Morley / Getty Images
Just how much do you know about the great golf legend? We have three trivia quizzes here that will test your Nicklaus knowledge. They include a mix of easy and difficult questions, so even if you don't get the answers right you might learn some interesting facts along the way.

Jack Nicklaus' Wins

Jack Nicklaus had a lot of wins in his PGA Tour career. Seventy-three of them, to be exact. Which tournaments did Nicklaus win? Here's the list of all 73 titles won by the Bear.

Jack Nicklaus' Major Championships

Jack Nicklaus - 1978 British Open
Steve Powell / Getty Images
And on this page you'll find the list of Nicklaus' 18 major championship victories. So if you're looking only for his major titles, check this page.

Jack Nicklaus' Best Seasons

He had a lot of great seasons and - durimg the main part of his career - no bad ones. But which were Nicklaus' best years? Here is one man's ranking of the Bear's best.

Jack Nicklaus' Greatest Wins

Jack Nicklaus raises his putter as a birdie putt drops in  the final round at the 1986 Masters
David Cannon / Getty Images
What were the greatest wins by Jack Nicklaus in a career full of big victories? It's not easy to pick a Top 5, but we give it a shot here.

Jack Nicklaus' Top 5 Near-Misses

Yes, Nicklaus won a ton of tournaments. But also lost a lot of important events, too. Or, more accurately, he finished second in a lot of important tourneys. Nicklaus finished second 19 times in majors, after all. Here is a look at the Top 5 tournaments that got away from Jack.

Jack Nicklaus Quotes

Jack Nicklaus
Getty Images
Here you'll find some memorable quotes by Nicklaus - and also some memorables quotes about Nicklaus, spoken by others.

The Memorial Tournament

The Memorial is Nicklaus' own tournament, played annually as part of the PGA Tour schedule. It's played at Nicklaus' course, Muirfield Village in Ohio. This tournament profile page includes the full list of tournament winners, plus event info and trivia.

Muirfield Village Golf Club

In 1966, Nicklaus bought a piece of land where his father had taken him hunting as a boy. Eight years later, he had turned it into Muirfield Village, one of the top-ranked golf courses in the USA.
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