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Jack Nicklaus Trivia Quizzes


Jack Nicklaus 1986 Augusta

Jack Nicklaus at Augusta National for the 1986 Masters - and yes, a question about that tournament does appear among the questions in our Jack Nicklaus trivia quizzes.

David Cannon / Getty Images
If you think you know Jack Nicklaus trivia, we have several quizzes to test your knowledge. Our quizzes include questions with varying degrees of difficulty, and the three Jack Nicklaus quizzes listed below cover different aspects of his life and career. Choose the quiz you'd like to try:

Quiz: Jack Nicklaus in the Majors
No golfer performed better in the four major championships than Jack Nicklaus did. And we don't just mean his wins, but also his runner-up finishes and Top 10 finishes. Here are 18 questions about Nicklaus' totals in the majors, and about some specific memorable events.

Quick: Jack Nicklaus' Pro Golf Career (Non-Majors)
There are 16 questions in this quiz, and they are about Nicklaus' PGA Tour career and accomplishments, including a couple Ryder Cup questions plus a couple about Nicklaus' senior golf career.

Quiz: Jack Nicklaus Amateur, Personal and Business Facts
The 14 questions in this quiz pertain to facts about the golfer other than this professional playing accomplishments: His personal background, amateur achievements and business interestes (such as course design).

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