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Golf Timeline
Welcome to the Golf Timeline, a year-by-year look at the major developments in the history of golf from 1452 to the present day. Look below the "Sponsored Links" to get started.
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Our timeline includes major changes in equipment and rules; births and deaths of prominent golfers; major championship winners for men and women, amateur championship winners, money leaders, scoring leaders, results of team competitions and other highlights from each year listed.

If you're interested in browsing, clicking the "Random Year" link is a great way to start. Otherwise, use the pulldown menus to find a specific year.

Choose a Year from these Menus:

Note About Sources
There were dozens and dozens - perhaps hundreds - of sources consulted while compiling the Golf Timeline (and new sources continue to be found); most were individual newspaper or magazine articles that led to a single addition to the timeline.

However, several sources deserve special mention, for this timeline would have been close to impossible without them. Those sources include James M. Lane's golf timeline available in the Wikipedia; historical articles and information from the United States Golf Association, Royal & Ancient Golf Association, PGA of America and Ladies Professional Golf Association; and media guides from the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Tour and European PGA Tour. Many thanks to these sources and organizations for their invaluable assistance.

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