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Golf History

Golf has one of the most glorious histories of any sport still played. Find out more about golf history with the resources below. We guarantee you'll learn a lot you didn't know before, and have fun in process.
  1. Golf Major Championships
  2. Golf Trivia
  3. Golf's Team Competitions

Golf Almanac
The Golf Almanac from About.com offers lists of records, stats, award winners and more from the major tours and major championships.

Golf Records
Here on About.com Golf, we have various entries on golf records - highs and lows, bests and worsts, and much more from the PGA and LPGA tours, plus from the major championships and more. This page is where we gather all those records and link you to the index pages for the various tours' and majors' record books. Click the category of golf...

LPGA Tour Records
Find out who holds LPGA Tour records such as lowest 18-hole, 9-hole and 72-hole scores, youngest and oldest golfers to win on tour, and much more.

PGA Tour Records
Find out who holds the most important PGA Tour records with this run through the tour recordbook.

Golf Timeline
With this timeline of golf history, you can view year-by-year highlights dating back to 1452 - changes in equipment and rules, major championship winners, first and lasts, births and deaths and much more.

Profiles of Famous Golfers - Men
Learn more about some of the most famous male golfers from throughout the history of golf.

Famous Women Golfers: Biographical Profiles of Golf Legends
Learn more about the best female golfers ever. Famous women golfers are profiled here with biographies from A (Amy Alcott) to Z (Babe Zaharias).

Golf History FAQ - Questions and Answers about Golf History
This Golf History FAQ answers frequently asked questions about the history of golf.

Top 50 Females Golfers of All-Time
Who are the greatest women golfers of all time? The About.com Golf Guide counts down the Top 50 Female Golfers of All-Time.

The 787-Yard Drive on the PGA Tour

Hogan's Alley: What and Where Is It, and Why Is It Called That?
What are certain golf courses and golf holes nicknamed Hogan's Alley? This entry in the About.com Golf History FAQ explains.

Mike Reasor, the PGA Tour Player Who Scored 93-Over Par
What are the highest single-round scores in PGA Tour history? Read the story of journeyman tour player Mike Reasor, who scored 51-over par while playing one-handed in a tour event.

The Golfer Who Made Back-to-Back Aces in the Same Round at a Tour Event
Once upon a time, a tour golfer, playing in a tour event, made holes-in-one on consecutive holes during the same round - and the second ace was on a par-4. Sounds incredible, but it actually happened.

The Golfer Who Wore Shorts During a US Open
Male professional golfers always wear long pants, never shorts, in tour events. But one year, this golfer had enough. He was fed up. And to protest, he changed into shorts on the course during a U.S. Open.

Best South African Golfers
Who are the best golfers from South Africa? Here is a ranking of the all-time greatest South African golfers.

Top 10 Irish Golfers of All-Time
Who are the best-ever golfers from the island of Ireland? We rank the Top 10 Irish golfers of all-time.

Top 10 Worst Golf Chokes and Collapses
What are the worst chokes and collapses in golf history? We count 'em down on About.com

Who Invented the Golf Tee?
Who was the inventor of the golf tee? This Golf History FAQ from About.com Golf examines that question.

What are the highest scores on one hole by pro golfers?
What are the highest scores on a single golf hole in the history of professional golf? Here are some of the worst scores on an individual hole.

The Only Par-4 Ace in PGA Tour History
Here's the story of what is believed to be the only hole-in-one ever recorded on a par-4 hole during a PGA Tour tournament.

Who Were the First Women to Become Members at Augusta National Golf Club?
Who were the first women to become members at Augusta National Golf Club? Find their identities, and the date their membership was announced, along with Augusta National's announcement.

Dwight Eisenhower Elected to World Golf Hall of Fame
Former President Dwight Eisenhower is elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame; this article examines some of the reasons why.

Quiz: Do You Know the Names of Antique Clubs?
Brassie, mashie and niblick, oh my! Take our quiz to see if you know what these clubs - and other golf clubs from the dark ages of golf history - equate to in today's terms.

Merion's Wicker Baskets
Merion Golf Club's flagsticks don't have flags; instead they are topped by wicker baskets. But why? Here's a look at Merion's famous baskets.

British Golf Museum
You want golf history? Here's a great place to start. Learn about golf history in Great Britain from the Middle Ages to present day.

World Golf Hall of Fame
The World Golf Hall of Fame is part of the World Golf Village in Florida. Learn about golf's greatest players, men and women, from all over the world.

Worst Golf Weather in Tour History? 1973 Tourney at Turnberry Is Top Contender

Top 10 Australian Golfers of All-Time
Who are the best Aussie golfers ever? We rank the Top 10 Australians in golf history.

Golf Ball Museum
This online "museum" is from a collectibles company, but it offers great information and photos on golf balls going all the way back to the 15th Century.

World Golf Hall of Fame
What will you see if you visit the World Golf Hall of Fame? Who are the members and how are members selected? Find this info and more details about the museum of golf.

Greatest Male Golfers of All-Time
Who are the best golfers of all-time? Here is a ranking of the Top 25 men in the history of golf.

All-Time Best Golfers at the Solheim Cup
A ranking of the 10 greatest players ever in the Solheim Cup tournament.

Most Strokes Under Par in Men's Major Championship
Which golfers hold the record for most strokes under par in a men's major championship? Here is the answer.

Top 6 Masters Players of All-Time
Here is a ranking of the golfers who've played the best at The Masters.

10 Best Golfers Who Never Won the Masters
Here is a ranking of the 10 best golfers who never won The Masters.

5 Most Surprising Masters Champions
Here are the five golfers who status as Masters champion is most surprising.

Top 5 Shots in Masters History
What are the greatest shots in Masters history? We count down the Top 5.

The All-Time Best Masters Tournaments
Which Masters Tournaments have been the best? Here is a list of the greatest ones in the golf event's history.

The Masters Par-3 Contest
Facts and figures about the Par-3 Contest at The Masters, including the list of champions.

When Did Augusta National Golf Club Open?
How old is Augusta National Golf Club? Find out when the famed course opened in this FAQ.

Women's Western Open
The Women's Western Open was played from 1930 to 1967 and is recognized by the LPGA as a major championship. Here is the list of winners.

Best 18-Hole Score on PGA Tour: Golfers Who've Shot 59
What is the record for lowest round of golf shot on the PGA Tour? Here are the golfer who've shot 59 in a PGA Tour tournament.

Does 'Golf' Mean 'Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden'?
Does the word golf stand for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden? That's a popular myth, and it's not true. Find out the real origins of the word golf.

Most Career Wins on the PGA Tour
Who has the most career wins on the PGA Tour? Here's a list of all players who have 15 or more career wins on the PGA Tour.

Men's Majors - Most Victories
See which male golfers have won the most major championship titles, including professional and amateur.

When and Where Did Golf Begin?
What are the origins of golf? When and where did the game begin? Those questions are tackled in this article from the Golf History FAQ.

Byron Nelson's 1945 Tournament Results
Check out Byron Nelson's amazing results from 1945, including the 11 tournaments he won consecutively, all 18 tournaments won, and the scores from every one of his tournaments that year.

Top 5 Players in US Open History
Who are the best players in the history of the U.S. Open golf tournament? We count down the Top 5.

First Ace on a Par-4 in PGA Tour History
In 2001, the first hole-in-one on a par-4 hole in PGA Tour history happened in a very unusual way.

How the Claret Jug Became the Open Championship Trophy
Why does the British Open winner receive the so-called Claret Jug as a trophy? How did the trophy get that name? Who was the first winner to get it?

Rory McIlroy Joins List of Youngest Golfers with 3 Majors
Who are the youngest golfers to win a third major? Here is the list, plus addition info and ages - some of which is pretty surprising.

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